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Media Reviews 2005

A Dozen Furies – A Concept from Fire
Shadow Gallery – Room V
Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004
Paths of Possession – Promises in Blood
Rob Rock - Holy Hell
Mercenary – 11 Dreams
Black Label Society – Mafia
James LaBrie - Elements of Persuasion
Hammerfall – Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Running Wild – Rogues En Vogue
Force of Evil – Black Empire
Kamelot – The Black Halo
Overkill – Relix IV
Dan Lorenzo - Cut From A Different Cloth/ Nice Being Alone
Corrosion of Conformity – In the Arms of God
Soilwork – Stabbing the Drama
Judas Priest – Angel of Retribution
Darkthrone – Sardonic Wrath
Anthrax- The Greater of Two Evils
Grave Digger – The Last Supper
Jon Oliva’s Pain – Tage Mahal
Chuck Schuldiner – Zero Tolerance
Yyrkoon – Occult Medicine
Angra – Temple of Shadows
Overlorde - Return of the Snow Giant
Kreator – Enemy of God
Chris Caffery – Faces
Destruction – Inventor of Evil
Stratovarius – Stratovarius
Hypocrisy – Virus
Redemption – The Fullness of Time
Symphorce – Godspeed
Hades – Resisting Success / If at First You Don’t Succeed
Crionics – Armageddon’s Revolution
Chimaira – Chimaira
Biohazard – Means to an End
Fear Factory – Transgression
Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor
Impaled – Death After Life
Circus Maximus – The 1st Chapter
Azrael’s Bane - Wings Of Innocence
Jacknife – Moment of Reckoning
Arch Enemy – Doomsday Machine
Danzig – IL Demonio Nera
The Black Dahlia Murder – Miasma
Iommi – Fused
Ritual Carnage – I, Infidel
Sacrifice – Torment in Fire
Royal Hunt – Paper Blood
Candlemass – Candlemass
Demons and Wizards – Touched by the Crimson King
Beyond the Flesh – What the Mind Perceives
Impellitteri – Pedal to the Metal
Thunderstone – Tools of Destruction
Pagans Mind – Enigmatic Calling
Bruce Dickinson – Tyranny of Souls
HavocHate - Cycle of Pain
Mortician – Re Animated Dead Flesh
Evergrey – A Night to Remember
Freedom Call – The Circle of Life
Gizmachi – The Imbuing
Vinterriket - Der letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit entgegen
Tokyo Dragons – Give Me the Fear
Severed Hand - Keep Your Wives Inside
Wet Animal - Wet Animal
At All Cost - It’s Time to Decide
Horse the Band - Themechanicalhand
Michael Angelo Batio - Hands Without Shadows
LA Guns - Tales From The Strip
HIM - Dark Light
Brainstorm – Liquid Monster
Annihilator – Schizo Deluxe
Anthrax – Alive 2 and Anthrology: No Hit Wonders 1985–1991
Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Concerto Suite for Guitar and Orchestra
UFO - Showtime
Savage Circus - Dreamland Manor
Primal Fear – Seven Seals
Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy
Frost – Out in the Cold
Black Label Society – Kings of Damnation 98-04
Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian
Stride - Imagine
Stream of Passion - Embrace the Storm
Scar Symmetry - Symmetric In Design
Marduk – Plague Angel
LMP Music Products
Gamma Ray – Majestic

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