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Running Wild – Rogues En Vogue

Label: GUN Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

These German Power Metal legends seem to have hit a rut over the last few records, and things are no different with "Rogues En Vogue". "The Brotherhood" was pretty solid even with the AC/DC layout to some tracks amongst the traditional pirate spirited rockers mainman Rolf is known for writing.


"Rogues" has the same sound and production quality as "Victory", one of their weakest moments I feel, where both do not have the power,edge, or force previous albums had like "Black Hand Inn" or "Masquerade". Just not a natural sound, almost too processed, especially some of the drums sound like they were sent through the same machine Def Leppard’s "Hysteria" went through.

'Skeleton Dance' and 'Dead Man’s Road' run more along the lines of songs like 'Souless' and 'Rebel At Heart', with a catchy riff and bouncing rhythm. Unfortunately, I feel by this point Rolf is recycling a lot of riffs and arrangements and the album just feels like its going through the motions...I hate to say. 'Black Gold' is a beer guzzler, classic Running Wild, and I can see the pirates in a tavern raising their glasses singing the chorus as they prepare to set sail. Where’s my treasure chest?

'Soul Vampires' shows Rolf’s other writing style for the mid paced rocker, something he does well and demonstrates that Euro Metal bands don’t write the same arrangements for every song even though when it comes to Power Metal, Running Wild have their own style anyway and don’t have explain themselves. Rolf established the style years ago around the time of "Under Jolly Roger" and more so "Death and Glory".

Rolf has predominantly always wrote all Running Wild’s music and lyrics and at this point may be what the problem has been over the last few records, too much of the same thing from one person. A contribution from other musicians or his bandmates would add some needed spark and creativity to his ideas.

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