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Interviews 2006

Timo Kotipelto – Singer for Stratovarius, solo artist
Oscar Dronjak – Guitarist for Hammerfall
Jasun Tipton – Guitars for Zero Hour
Fredrik Andersson - Drums for Amon Amarth
Frankie Banali – Drums for Quiet Riot
Edu Falaschi - Vocals for Angra
Sigurd – Guitars for Belphegor
Johnny Solinger – Singer for Skid Row
Luca Ceradi - Drums for Merendine Atomiche
Chris Caffery – Guitarist for Savatage/ Trans Siberian Orchestra/ Dr.Butcher, and solo artist
Andre Olbrich – Guitar for Blind Guardian
King – Bass for Norw ay 's Gorgoroth
Dreggs  - Crunch Guitar and Digital Anarchy for Deadstar Assembly
Peavy Wagner – Bass and Vocals for Rage
Alex Webster – Bass player for Cannibal Corpse
Tom Angelripper - Bassist and singer for Sodom
Kurt Vanderhoof – Guitars for Metal Church
David Defeis – Vocals, keyboards and composer for Virgin Steele
Oddleif Stensland – Guitars and Vocals for Communic
Derek  Sherinian  - Solo artist, Keyboards one time for Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Planet X, Billy Iodol
Derrick Green - Singer for Sepultura
Metal Mike Chlasciak - Guitarist for Painmuseum, Halford, Sebastian Bach, and Testament
Tim Ripper Owens - Singer for Beyond Fear and Iced Earth joined by John Comprix, Beyong Fear guitarist
Schmier - Bass and Vocals for Destruction
Santeri Kallio - Keyboards for Amorphis
Fabio Lione - Vocals for Rhapsody
Peter Tagtgren – Producer/Vocals and guitars for Hypocrisy
Hansi Kursch – Singer and songwriter for Blind Guardian
Dirk Sauer – Guitars for Edguy
Silenoz – Guitarist for Dimmu Borgir
Jack Frost – Guitarist and songwriter for Seven Witches, guitars for Bronx Casket Co.
LORD AHRIMAN – Guitarist for Dark Funeral
Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards for Sonata Artica
Joey Belladonna – Singer for Anthrax
Jari Laine - Guitars for Torture Killer
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