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Fredrik Andersson - Drums for Amon Amarth

Date: 10/20/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. So after releasing 5 albums what may some things be different about "With Oden On Our Side"?

FREDRIK: For the first time during the song writing process we have been able to concentrate 100% on the music and it was also the first time we worked with a producer the way it's supposed to be done. Musically I think we've progressed a lot and became better musicians as well as song writers. “With Oden on our side” is more mature, varied, and definitely our best work so far.

2. Where a band comes from usually has something directly to do with the way they sound and the style they play.

Can you tell us the thing's that make for Amon Amarth's particular style and sound?

FREDRIK: I don't think it's possible to pin point one thing that makes us sound the way we does. The music has always been the same though, only developed during the years. We're not a band that changes style from record to record, we found a style 15 years ago we liked and we still like it so no need to change.

3. What have you learned after making several records? What did you learn not to do when recording "With Oden on Our Side"?

FREDRIK: You always learn different things, and there are always things you think you'll do differently next time around. We learnt on “Fate of Norns ” that it's important that all five of us are involved in the recording. We make music the best when we do it together.

4. Tell us about your recently released DVD. What type of footage is included?

FREDRIK: There are five full live shows which cover everything from small clubs to giant open air shows. Main feature is from Cologne , then there are two open air shows Wacken Open Air 2004 and Summer Breeze. There are two club shows; one from metal blade Europe 10th anniversary party and one from the “Fate of Norns ” release show.

5. What band's do you find create similar music to yourselves, or maybe who do you find Amon Amarth are directly influenced by?

FREDRIK: We're originally influenced by the classic metal bands, Priest, Maiden Mötley , Slayer etc. Bands we grew up listening to.

6. How was last year's tour with Children of Bodom in the States?

FREDRIK: It was very successful and good fun, but also a lot of hard work for us. In the end it was worth it though since it was the best tour we've ever been to in the States so far.

7. What are your expectations for the upcoming dates with Children of Bodom ?

FREDRIK: Well we are in a better position as direct support and we can play a longer set, I think it will be even better than last year's tour.

8. Have you shot any videos for the new album "With Oden on our Side" and can you tell us about that?

FREDRIK: We did a video for the song “Runes to my memory” it was made by Bill Schacht and was a real tough one to film. We shot it over two days where day two was a 23 hour day for us, and even longer for some of the crew. The result is amazing though, the video looks great.

9. Plans for the rest of 2006 into 07?

FREDRIK: Touring, touring and more touring. First of all we're doing the rescheduled Scandinavian shows we had to postpone to be able to do the tour with Children of Bodom now in December. We're also planning to do England , Spain , Finland , Russia early next year. After then try to do another run in the States hopefully before next summer.

10. Closing comments?

FREDRIK: Thanks for the interview, hope to see all of you on the upcoming tour and to those who haven't yet, check out our new album “With Oden on our side”!

Official website: www.amonamarth.com

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