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MetalAsylum.net September Playlist

Striker - "Heart Of Lies"
U.D.O - "One Heart One Soul"
Dee Snider- "Become The Storm"
Dream Child - "Under The Wire"
Red Dragon Cartel - "Havana"
Stephen Pearcy - "I'm A Ratt"
Dynazty - "The Grey"
Northward - "While Love Died"
Skull Fist - "You belong to Me"
Alice Cooper - "Ballad of Dwight Fry" Live
Black Elephant - "Helter Skelter"
Clutch - "In Walks Barbarella"
Alice in Chains - "Red Giant"
Planet of Doom - "First Contact" Full EP

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New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal Releases – September

Snakebite - Rise of the Snake (2018)

August 31, 2018

Just before their return to the stage at the annual multigenre convention Dragon Con and exactly 3 weeks before the much anticipated release of their 4th studio full length album, I:Scintilla unveil “Swayed”, the title-track from the album.

The band explains that, “Swayed is a very special song for us because it came together so magically and it touches so many energies and textures we have not explored before. It could be described as some sort of 11-minute post-rock odyssey that traverses several soundscapes - tribal, shoegaze, downtempo, and full-blown rock noise. Lyrically and vocally, it features some of the best moments of our entire catalog. We hope you enjoy!”

The five band members fire on all cylinders on this strange, yet amazingly impactful, musical journey featuring one of the heaviest endings you will ever hear.

Also appearing on the Single as bonus track, you will find a remix of “Carmena Saturna” by Axon Rise who won the I:Scintilla charity remix contest this Summer and generated donations for Darkest Before Dawn (a non-profit organization providing resources, support, and community for the nightlife, restaurant and music venue industry, who’s late hours and isolated commutes leave them susceptible to depression, addiction and suicide).

Listen to the single now on all streaming services. The upcoming full-length album is now available for pre-sale in two CD editions - single-disc and double-disc box set - through their online merch shop:

Prepare to be ‘Swayed’ on September 21, 2018.

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