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Interviews 2011

Jammer – Bass and Vocals for Brute Forcz
John Arch – Vocals for Arch/Matheos
Tobias Sammet – Vocals for Edguy and Avantasia
Munsey Ricci – Head Of Skateboard Marketing
Jack Frost – Guitars for Seven Witches
Dave Linsk – Guitars for Speed Kill Hate & Overkill
Alex Beyrodt – Guitar for Voodoo Circle, Primal Fear
Paul Gilbert – Guitars for Mr. Big
Oz Fox – Guitar for Stryper
Geoff Thorpe – Guitar for Vicious Rumors
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals for Primal Fear
Lauri Porra – Bass for Stratovarius
David Sanchez - Vocals and guitar for Havok
Tom Englund – Vocals and guitar for Evergrey

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