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METAL ASYLUM: New Reviews posted
2/8 Updates: Don't miss these new album reviews added to the site today: Product of Hate, Abbath, Holy Grail, Conan, Angel Sword, Striker, and Necronomicon.

METAL ASYLUM: New Interviews
2/5 Updates: Check the Interviews section for new interview with Chuck Billy (Vocals for Testament), Ralf Scheepers (Vocals for Primal Fear), and Tobias Sammet (Vocals/Composer for Avantasia and Edguy).

METAL ASYLUM: New Media and Show Reviews posted
1/31 Updates: Just posted - reviews on the latest from Abyss, Megadeth, and Destructor, plus a review of the Tool/ Primus/ 3 Teeth show.

METAL ASYLUM: New Reviews and Interview posted
1/20 Updates: We have new bunch of album reviews on the latest releases from Spock's Beard, Black Wizard, Brainstorm, Primal Fear, Anthrax, Resurrection Kings, and Avantasia AND a new interview with Torsten Ihlenfeld (Guitars for Brainstorm).

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