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METAL ASYLUM: New CD and DVD Reviews
10/10 Updates: Check out these two review in the Media Reviews section of the site: Anthrax, Astral Doors, Aeranea, Evergrey, Amulet, and Opeth!

METAL ASYLUM: New Interview
10/6 Updates: Check out these two new interviews: Steve Souza (vocals for Exodus) and King Diamond (vocals for King Diamond and Mercyful Fate)!

METAL ASYLUM: New Show Reviews
9/23 Updates: Check out our brand new show reviews for Accept/ Raven and Slaughter/ Autograph!

METAL ASYLUM: New Reviews Plus Special Feature
9/1 Updates: Check out our new reviews on the latest from Cannibal Corpse, Striker, Loudness, Unbreakable, Unisonic, Hammerfall, Lost Society, Pretty Maids, The Dagger and our special feature article 'Overlooked, Underrated, Misunderstood Albums' in the Features section of the site!

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