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METAL ASYLUM: New album reviews have been posted for Galley Beggar, Warrant, Fall of Silence, King Kobra and Uriah Heep reissues, Shores of Null, and Life of Agony. Concert review posted for Devin Townsend Project/Gojira/Opeth at Red Rocks in CO, and to be posted soon for Testament/ Sepultura/Prong in NJ, Hammerfall/Delain in NYC, and Ratt in PA. And, an interview with Robert Mason from Warrant.
5/16/17 Updates: Media Reviews, Concert Reviews.

METAL ASYLUM: New album reviews from House of Lords, Harlott, Wolfheart, Chrome Molly, Sicosis, Blessed Curse, Obituary, and In the Company of Serpents. Plus, concert review for Overkill in New Jersey, Last in Line in NJ, Saxon/UFO in NYC, and Katatonia in AZ. Coming soon we will post an interview with Mark Slaughter, he talks about his new solo album “Halfway There” coming out in May, Slaughter, the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, and more. Also, the Asylum is still getting a facelift soon. With previous reviews and good stuff accessible in Asylum Archives. Stay tuned, it's been a slow process. Please do like us on Facebook as well, that page is always being updated with content.
4/16/17 Updates: Media Reviews, Concert Reviews.

METAL ASYLUM: So many new patients/articles in the Asylum! New Album Reviews from Witherfall, Cultural Warfare, and Bloodbound! New DVD reviews from KISS, Def Leppard, and Motley Crue! Check out our latest two audio interviews with Levels the band, and Pat Gesualdo - - founder of the Hall of Heavy Metal History, and a report and pics from the Udo Dirkschneider "Farewell to Accept" tour, plus an account of the mayhem at Lordi's most recent NYC show. Also, Overkill's "Taking Over" album gets the spotlight in our Overlooked, Underrated, Misunderstood Albums at the Features page. Also, the Asylum will be getting a facelift soon! Stay tuned to see the debut of our more modern format for 2017(!!!!), with previous reviews and good stuff accessible in Asylum Archives.
3/7/17 Updates: Media Reviews, Concert Reviews, Features, Interviews.

METAL ASYLUM: The Asylum brings you four new Album Reviews! New releases from Katatonia, Zeal and Ardor, John Garcia (founding member of Kyuss), and Xandria.
2/12/17 Updates: Head over to the Media Reviews page to read all about them. And stay tuned - - we have some great interviews, reviews, photos, and more coming up soon!

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