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5/4/20 : Rich Catino and Jack Mangan Join the Metal Hall of Fame
Exciting announcement for Rich Catino and Jack Mangan of the Am I Evil? Graphic Novel team! They're both helping to write a new chapter in the legacy of the great Metal Hall of Fame. Stay tuned to the Hall website and Facebook feeds for great content.


The Metal Hall Of Fame has announces that Rich Catino (contributor at BraveWords), and Jack Mangan (of Metal Asylum and the “Am I Evil” Diamond Head graphic novel), are joining The Metal Hall Of Fame team. Both will assist in bringing exciting new content to their website and Facebook pages. This includes constantly updated news features from the entire realm of hard rock and heavy metal music, along with their ever relevant sub-genres.

The new content will consist of exclusive interviews with your favourite bands and artists, updates from Metal Hall Of Fame inductees, info on the latest music industry projects from major music industry execs, spotlights on great albums and songs, and other special features and segments that only the Metal Hall Of Fame can bring you.

"We are proud to have Rich Catino and Jack Mangan as part of the Metal Hall Of Fame Team," says Metal Hall Of Fame President/CEO Pat Gesualdo. We are excited to have them contribute this exciting new content to provide hard rock and heavy metal fans with the latest news, exclusive interviews, and other special content via our website and Facebook page."

"With almost twenty years as a journalist to support the music I love, being asked to be part of the Metal Hall Of Fame team is an honour, and a great responsibility to the bands and fans," says Rich Catino.

"I've been an author, podcaster, essayist, interviewer, journalist, and comic relief for most of this century, and a defender of the Metal Faith for most of my life. I'm honored and excited to make a meaningful contribution to Metal culture and history as part of the revered Metal Hall Of Fame. Heavy Metal is the law!!" says Jack Mangan.

4/5/20 : Album Reviews
New album reviews have been posted for Def Leppard – Early Years, Dio - The Studio Album Collection, The Heavy Eyes - Love Like Machines, Thy Despair - The Song of Desolation, Enzo And The Glory Ensemble - In The Name Of The World Spirit, Barrens – Penumbra, Lord Vigo - Danse de Noir, NITE - NITE - Darkness Silence Mirror Flame, Michael Alago with Laura Davis-Chanin - I Am Michael Alago, and Stallion - Slaves of Time. The concert calendar is on hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Stay current and keep supporting new music in the meantime! We will continue to post new album reviews, and update the Audio/Video page with new music. Stay healthy, all.

3/2/20 : New Album Reviews
New album reviews have been posted for Silverthorne - Tear the Sky Wide Open, Azure Emote - The Third Perspective, Diarchy – Splitfire, Serious Black - Suite 226, Hazzerd – Delirium, Rage – Wings of Rage, Black Swan – Shake the World, and Ross the Boss - Born of Fire. Also, the video page has been updated with new music to check out for March.

12/27/19 : New Album Reviews, Interviews, Concert Reviews
Our picks for the Best Albums of 2019, and selections from the past decade 2010-2019, have been posted. Looking forward to 2020, the Am I Evil (Diamond Head) comic book project launch (https://www.amievil-graphicnovel.com/) which was created by Metal Asylum's own Jack Mangan, with contributions by Rich Catino, and Metal Asylum should be getting an updated look in design, format, etc. also, Jack Mangan is attending the Metal Hall of Fame gala in January, look for his report and pics to be posted during that month at the Asylum’s Facebook page and here. Cheers, Merry Christmas, happy holidays. . .and of course Metal is forever!!

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