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METAL ASYLUM: New items posted
8/16 Updates: Reviews on the latest releases from Kreator, Helloween, Kamelot, Deadlock, Ghoul, and Zodiac, concert reviews from Guns n Roses/ Lenny Kravitz and Stryper shows, and an interview with Dan Gargiulo (guitar for Revocation) have all been loaded to the site!

METAL ASYLUM: New interview and media reviews posted
8/1 Updates: Reviews on the latest releases from Helstar, Running Wild, Gloryful, Vicious Rumors, Revocation, and Rising have been posted, as well as an interview with Geoff Thorpe (guitar for Vicious Rumors)!

METAL ASYLUM: New media reviews posted
7/17 Updates: Reviews on the latest releases from Electric Citizen, Elm Street, Suicidal Angels, Trick or Treat, and Denner / Shermann have been posted!

METAL ASYLUM: New concert reviews and interview
7/1 Updates: A new interview with Hank Shermann (guitar for Denner/Shermann and Mercyful Fate) and show reviews for Frost Metal Coalition, Whitesnake/ Whitford / St. Holmes, and Sebastian Bach/ Santa Cruz have been added!

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