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MetalAsylum.net is an online website which reviews Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music, brings you live concert reports, interviews with artists, special featured articles, end of the year lists, etc. Our publication has been online since 2005 (with older content from 2002-2004 carried over from our previous name), run by Asylum owner Rich Catino, who is also a writer. The Asylum has included a number of contributors over the years who have made the reading all the more interesting and varied. We also are very lucky to have on board Mark Gromen, from Bravewords and Bloody Knuckles magazine (bravewords.com), whose vast education in this music has made for many insightful and educational reviews.

At the Asylum, we not only talk about the architects, godfathers, and hit-makers of the past from the 70s and 80s, but pride ourselves in bringing attention to newer younger bands who are actively making new music in the present and who are important to the preservation of this music for the future.

Our site has a Facebook page, which is always updated with news and links to reviews and interviews, and a Twitter page.

Contacting Metal Asylum

For reviews, concert coverage, interview consideration, or where to send promo material, contact Asylum Owner/Director Rich Catino at rich@metalasylum.net.

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You can have a banner ad placed at the Asylum in one of several locations. There are 2 locations at the top of the site, one large or small banner at the bottom, and on our links page. You can also have your ad, like a tour poster, placed on the Tour Dates or Festival pages.

Please contact the Asylum owner Rich Catino for more information including discounted rates for longer periods of time (6 months, 1 year).

We also do free banner advertising for festivals in exchange for a free press pass/ticket to the event to have one of our staff members write a review and take photos.


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Writing Staff

Rich Catino

Departments: Editor in Chief, Media & Concert Reviews, Interviews & Photos
Specialty Areas: Knowledgeable in all genres of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, and ambient sounds.

Mark Gromen

Departments: Media & Concert Reviews, Interviews
Specialty Areas: Knowledgeable in all genres of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock.

Writing Staff Outside The NY/NJ Area

Connie Payton

Departments: Media & Concert Reviews, Webmaster
Specialty Areas: Power, Progressive, and Symphonic Metal.
Location: Toledo, Ohio

Jack Mangan

Departments: Media Reviews & Interviews
Specialty Areas: Traditional 70s & 80s Metal, Progressive Metal and Hard Rock, Fusion, & Instrumental.
Location: Arizona

Other Contributors

Omar Cordy

Departments: Media & Concert Reviews
Specialty Areas: Groove, Extreme, Death, Black Metal, Grindcore, Metalcore.


Departments: Album Reviews.
Specialty Areas: Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Punk.

Past Contributors

The Goat, Kevin Alba, Stingray, Bill Larkin, Todd Knowlden, Pendragon, Sean Quigley, Andrew Jantas, Adam Kerman, Walter Figueroa, Helena Inno Defilippo, James Rausse
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