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Interviews 2005

Jeff Waters – Guitars, Song writer for Annihilator
Andi Deris - Singer for Helloween
Jon Oliva, Singer, Composer, Keyboard/Piano player for Savatage/ Trans Siberian Orchestra/Dr. Butcher/Oliva’s Pain
Jon Schaffer – Guitarist and songwriter for Iced Earth and Demons and Wizards
Primal Fear
Lorenzo Antonucci - Guitarist from Sworn Enemy
Mats Haugen - Guitarist for Circus Maximus
Daniel Zimmermann – Drummer for Gamma Ray
Tobias Sammet Vocals for Edguy, Joacim Cans - Vocals for Hammerfall
Randy Black – Drummer for Primal Fear
Janne - Keyboards for Children of Bodom
Andre Andersen – Keyboard player, composer, songwriter for Royal Hunt
Oddleif Stensland - Vocals and Guitars for Communic
Trey Gadler - Azrael's Bane
Jens Johansson – Keyboard player for Stratovarius
Oscar Dronjak – Guitarist for Hammerfall
Dirk Sauer – Guitarist for Edguy
Henrik Danhage – Guitarist for Evergrey
Titus – Bass player for Thunderstone
Vorph – Guitar and Vocals for Samael
Roy Z - Producer, Guitarist for Halford and Tribe Of Gypsies
Stephane - Guitars and Vocals for Yyrkoon
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