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Media Reviews 2013

Kataklysm - Waiting for the End to Come
Dream Theater – Dream Theater
Nightwish - Showtime, Storytime
Evile – Skull
Motorhead – Aftershock
Axel Rudi Pell - Into The Storm
Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock - Bridge The Gap
Tad Morose - Revenant
Tyr – Valkyrja
Chastain - Surrender To No One
Masters Of Disguise - Back With A Vengeance
Black Trip - Goin’ Under
Def Leppard – Viva Hysteria
Hell - Curse & Chapter
Andi Deris & The Bad Bankers - Million Dollar Haircuts On Ten Cent Heads
Blazon Stone - Return To Port Royal
Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark Wings Of Steel
Soulfly- Savages
Argus - Beyond The Martyrs
Rocka Rollas - Metal Strikes Back
Protector – Reanimated Homunculus
Metal Church - Generation Nothing
Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes
Satan’s Wrath – Aeons Of Satan’s Wrath
Split Heaven - Devil’s Bandit
Aittala - Haunt Your Flesh
Aska - Fire Eater
Ashes Of Ares - Ashes Of Ares
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