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Tyr – Valkyrja

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD download
Released: 2013
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8/ 10

Looking to find a band that bridges the worlds of Power and Viking/Folk Metal? Look no further and Tyr’s seventh album. Like many from the genre, Tyr take pride in their heritage with subject matter that revolves around Viking mythology and history, taking their name from the Norse god of law and justice.


Tyr are different from their contemporaries Finntroll, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, similar to Turisas (minus the course vocals), in that the vocal are cleanly sung, not harsh or screamed, or in the native language with a few exceptions (‘Grindavisan’, and ‘Fanar Burtur Brandaljoo’). Power metal twin guitar and the driving drums of ‘Blood Of Heroes’ will instantly appeal to ears of those who enjoy both European styles of metal. Manowar power chords strengthen the first couple bars to ‘Mare of My Night’. ‘Hell Hath No Fury’, as with ‘Another Fallen Brother’, charges forward in an anthemic delivery for the warriors going into battle. ‘The Lay Of Our Love’, a folk ballad duet with Liv Kristine from Leaves' Eyes is very well done with complimenting male/female tones.

Bonus tracks are faithful covers of (appropriately) Iron Maiden’s ‘Where Eagles Dare’, and ‘Cemetery Gates’ from Pantera. Nice job.

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