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Metal Files R - Z

Found in the dark, damp, vermin-infested basement of the Metal Asylum you will find the Metal Files.

These files serve as a documentation of our patients both past and present, and a reference guide that provides information on the most important and well known headbangers who have been in our care - what many would consider essential Heavy Metal/Hard Rock releases by those artists. This page also includes lesser known or maybe underrated albums by artists who maybe only had a limited career, but at some point made their mark nonetheless.

Here in these files you will find the artists name, album titles, track listings, the year of its release, genre, and other recommendations of that artist. Refer back to this page as our doors are always open, and additions will be made from time to time.

Alphabetically by Artist

Racer X - Street Lethal
Release Date: 1986
Track Listing: Frenzy, Street Lethal, Into The Night, Blowin ' Up The Radio, Hotter Than Fire, On The Loose, Loud And Clear, Y.R.O., Dangerous Love, Getaway, Rock It.
Lineup: Jeff Martin – Vocals, Paul Gilbert – Guitar, John Alderete – Bass, Harry Gschoesser – Drums.
Genre: Hard Rock

Rage - XIII
Release Date: 1998
Track Listing: Overture, From The Cradle To The Grave, Days Of December, Sign Of Heaven, Incomplete, Turn The Page, Heartblood, Over And Over, In Vain ( i Won't Go Down), Immortal Sin, Paint It Black, Just Alone.
Lineup: Peavey – Vocals and bass, Spiros Ephthimiades – Guitar, Sven Fischer – Guitar, Chris Ephthimiades – Drums.
Notes: Remaster includes bonus tracks.
Genre: Earlier 80's albums Speed Metal, post 1995 a mix of Prog / Euro Power Metal
Other Rage recommendations: Soundchaser, Perfect Man.

Rainbow - Rising
Release Date: 1976
Track Listing: Tarot Woman, Run with the Wolf, Starstruck , Do You Get Close to Your Eyes, Stargazer, A Light in the Black
Lineup: Richie Blackmore - Guitar, Ronnie James Dio - Vocals, Jimmy Bain - Bass, Tony Carey - Keyboards, Cozy Powell – Drums.
Notes: Remastered.

Rainbow - Straight Between the Eyes
Release Date: 1982
Track Listing: Death Alley Driver, Stone Cold, Bring On The Night (Dream Chaser), Tite Squeeze, Tearin ' Out My Heart, Power, Miss Mistreated, Rock Fever , Eyes Of Fire.
Lineup: Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals, Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar, David Rosenthal – Keyboards, Roger Glover – Bass, Bobby Rondinelli – Drums.
Notes: Remastered
Genre: Hard Rock
Other Rainbow recommendations: Long Live Rock n Roll, On Stage.

Ratt - Out Of The Cellar
Release Date: 1984
Track Listing: Wanted Man, You're in Trouble, Round and Round, In Your Direction, She Wants Money, Lack of Communication, Back for More, I'm Insane, The Morning After, Scene of the Crime.
Lineup: Stephen Pearcy - Lead Vocals, Robbin Crosby - Guitars and back-up vocals, Warren DeMartini - Guitars and back-up vocals, Bobby Blotzer - Drums, Juan Croucier - Bass and back-up vocals.
Genre: L.A. Hard Rock
Other Ratt recommendations: Invasion of Your Privacy, Ratt E.P.

Raven - All For One
Release Date: 1983
Track Listing: Take Control, Mind Over Metal, Sledgehammer Rock, All For One, Run Silent Run Deep, Hung Drawn & Quartered, Break The Chain, Take It Away, Seek & Destroy, Athletic Rock.
Lineup: John Gallagher – Vocals, Bass, Mark Gallagher – Guitars, Rob Hunter – Drums
Notes: Remastered with bonus tracks.
Genre: New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Other Raven recommendations: Live at the Inferno.

Rhapsody - Power Of The Dragonflame
Release Date: 2002
Track Listing: In Tenebris , Knightrider Of Doom, Power Of The Dragonflame , The March Of The Swordmaster , When Demons Awake, Agony Is My Name, Lamento Eroico , Steelgods Of The Last Apocalypse, The Pride Of The Tyrant, Gargoyles, Angels Of Darkness.
Lineup: Fabio Lione - Vocals, Luca Turilli - Guitars, Dominique Leurquin - Guitars, Patrice Guers - Bass, Alex Staropoli - Keyboards, Alex Holzwarth – Drums.
Notes: Comes as a limited edition double disc with DVD video.
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Riot - Fire Down Under
Release Date: 1981
Track Listing: Swords and Tequila, Fire Down Under, Feel The Same, Outlaw, Don't Bring Me Down, Don't Hold Back, Altar Of The King, No Lies, Run for Your Life, Flashbacks.
Lineup: Guy Speranza - Vocals, Mark Reale : Guitars, Rick Ventura: Guitars, Kip Leming : Bass, Sandy Slavin - Drums
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Other Riot recommendations: Thundersteel , Restless Breed.

Royal Hunt – The Mission
Release Date: 2001
Track Listing: Take Off, The Mission , Exit Gravity, Surrender, Clean Sweep, Judgement Day, Metamorphosis, World Wide War, Dreamline, Out Of Reach, Fourth Dimension, Days Of No Trust, Total Recall.
Lineup: John West – Vocals, Andre Andersen – Keyboards, Jacob Kjaer – Guitars, Steen Mogensen – Bass.
Genre: Progressive Hard Rock

Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger
Release Date: 1987
Track Listing: Under Jolly Roger, War in the Gutter, Raw Ride, Beggar's Night, Raise Your Fist, Land of Ice, Diamonds of the Black Chest, Merciless Game.
Lineup: Rolf Kasparak - Guitar and Vocals, Majk Moti - Guitar, Jens Becker - Bass, Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums
Genre: Earlier albums are darker and heavier, after 1987 they donned the pirate theme and evolved into a more Euro Power Metal style.
Other Running Wild recommendations: Black Hand In.

Rush - 2112
Release Date: 1976
Track Listing: Overture,The Temples Of Syrinx , Discovery, Presentation, Oracle: The Dream, Soliloquy, Grand Finale, A Passage To Bangkok, The Twilight Zone, Lessons, Tears, Something For Nothing.
Lineup: Geddy Lee – Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Alex Liefson , Guitars, Neil Peart – Drums
Notes: Remastered.

Rush - Moving Pictures
Release Date: 1981
Tracks: Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta , Yyz , Limelight, The Camera Eye, Witch Hunt (Part Iii Of Fear), Vital Signs.
Lineup: Geddy Lee – Bass, keyboards, and vocals, Alex Lifeson – Guitars, Neil Peart – Drums.
Notes: Remastered .
Genre: Progressive Hard Rock
Other Rush recommendations: Fly by Night, Farewell to Kings, Exit Stage Left.

Sabbat - History of a Time to Come
Release Date: 1988
Track Listing: Intro ( Instr ), A Cautionary Tale, Hosanna In Excelsis , Behind The Crooked Cross, Horned Is The Hunter, I For An Eye, For Those Who Died, A Dead Man's Rob ( Instr ), The Church Bizzare .
Lineup: Martin Walkyier – Vocals, Andy Sneap – Guitars, Fraser Craske – Bass, Simon Negus – Drums
Genre: Thrash Metal

Saigon Kick - Saigon Kick
Release Date: 1991
Track Listing: New World, What You Say, What Do You Do?, Suzy, Colors, Coming Home, Love Of God, Down By The Ocean, Acid Rain, My Life, Month Of Sundays, Ugly, Come Take Me Now, I.C.U.
Lineup: Matt Kramer – Vocals, Jason Bieler – Guitar, Tom DeFile – Bass, Phil Varone – Drums
Genre: Hard Rock

Sanctuary - Refuge Denied
Release Date: 1987
Track Listing: Battle Angels, Termination Force, Die For My Sins, Soldiers of Steel, Sanctuary, White Rabbit, Ascension to Destiny, The Third War, Veil of Disguise.
Lineup: Warrel Dane – Vocals, Lenny Rutledge – Guitar, Sean Blosl – Guitar, Jim Sheppard – Bass, Dave Budbill – Drums.
Notes: After only two albums, Warrel and Jim would go on to form Nevermore.
Genre: Traditional Metal
Other Sanctuary recommendations: Into the Mirror Black, the album to foreshadow Nevermore.

Satan - Court In The Act
Release Date: 1983
Track Listing: Into The Fire, Trial By Fire, Blades Of Steel, No Turning Back, Broken Treaties, Break Free, Hunt You Down, The Ritual, Dark Side Of Innocence, Alone In The Dark.
Lineup: Brian Ross – Vocals, Steve Ramsey - Guitar; Russ Tippins - Guitar; Graeme English - Bass; Sean Taylor - Drums
Genre: Early 80's New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King
Release Date: 1987
Track Listing: 24 hrs Ago, Beyond The Doors Of The Dark, Legions, Strange Wings, Prelude To Madness, Hall Of The Mountain King, The Price You Pay, White Witch, Last Dawn, Devastation.
Lineup: Jon Oliva - Vocals, Criss Oliva - Guitars, John ny Lee Middleton - Bass, Steve Wacholz - Drums
Notes: European re-release has bonus tracks.

Savatage - Streets: A Rock Opera
Release Date: 1991
Track Listing: Streets, Jesus Saves, Tonight He Grins Again, Strange Reality, A Little Too Far, You Are Alive, Sammy And Tex, St. Patrick's, Can You Hear Me Now, New York City Don't Mean Nothing, Ghosts In The Ruins, If I Go Away, Agony And Ecstasy, Heal My Soul, Somewhere In Time, Believe.
Lineup: Jon Oliva – Vocals, Piano, Criss Oliva – Guitars, John ny Lee Middleton – Bass, Steve Wachholz – Drums
Notes: European reissue includes bonus tracks and expanded liner notes.
Genre: Power/Progressive Metal
Other Savatage recommendations: Gutter Ballet, The Dungeons are Calling, Edge of Thorns, Dead Winter Dead (which features the Trans Siberian Orchestra hit single “Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24” and yes it was a Savatage song first)

Saxon - Denim And Leather
Release Date: 1981
Track Listing: Princess Of The Night, Never Surrender, Out Of Control, Rough And Ready, Play It Loud, And The Bands Played On, Midnight Rider, Fire In The Sky, Denim And Leather.
Lineup: Biff Byford - Vocals, Paul Quinn- Guitars, Graham Oliver- Guitars, Steve Dawson- Bass, Pete Gill- Drums.
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal

Saxon – Lionheart
Release Date: 2004
Track Listing: Witchfinder General, Man And Machine, The Return, Lionheart, Beyond the Grave, Justice, To Live By The Sword, Jack Tars, English Man´o`war, Searching for Atlantis, Flying on the Edge.
Lineup: Biff Byford – Vocals, Paul Quinn – Guitar, Doug Scarratt – Guitar, Nibbs Carter – Bass, Jörg Michael – Drums.
Notes: Reissued with a bonus DVD.
Other Saxon recommendations: Wheels of Steel, Innocence Is No Excuse, Metalhead.

Scorpions - Blackout
Release Date: 1982
Track Listing: Blackout, Can't Live Without You, No One Like You, You Give me All I Need, Now!, Dynamite, Arizona, China White, When the Smoke is Going Down.
Lineup: Klaus Meine : Vocals, Rudolf Schenker : Rhythm and Lead Guitars, backing vocals, Matthias Jabs: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Francis Buchholz: Bass, Herman Rarebell : Drums
Notes: Remastered.

Scorpions - Taken by Force
Release Date: 1977
Track Listing: Steamrock Fever, We'll Burn The Sky, I've Got To Be Free, The Riot Of Your Time, The Sails Of Charon , Your Light, He's A Woman She's A Man, Born To Touch Your Feelings.
Lineup: Klaus Meine - Vocals; Ulrich Roth – Guitars, Rudolf Schenker - Guitars; Francis Buchholz - Bass; Herman Rarebell - Drums
Notes: Remastered , different artwork on the European version.
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Other Scorpions recommendations: Virgin Killer, Loverdrive , World Wide Live, Tokyo Tapes.

Sepultura - Arise
Release Date: 1991
Track Listing: Arise, Dead Embryonic Cells, Desperate Cry, Murder, Subtraction, Altered State , Under Siege (regnum Irae ), Meaningless Movements, Infected Voice.
Lineup: Max Cavalera – Guitars and Vocals, Andreas Kisser – Guitar, Paulo Jr. – Bass, Igor Cavalera – Drums.
Notes: Remastered with bonus tracks.
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Other Sepultura recommendations: Beneath the Remains.

Seven Witches - Passage To The Other Side
Release Date: 2003
Track Listing: Dance With The Dead, Mental Messiah, John ny, Apocalyptic Dreams, Fever In The City, Betrayed, Last Horizon, Natures Wrath, Wasted (Def Leppard cover), Passage To The Other Side.
Lineup: James Rivera – Vocals, Jack Frost – Guitars, Joey Vera – Bass, Brian Craig – Drums.
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal

Sinner - Danger Zone
Release Date: 1984
Track Listing: Danger Zone, No Place in Heaven, Scene of a Crime, Lupo Manaro, Fast Hard and Loud, The Shiver, Razor Blade, Shadow in the Night, Wild Winds, Rattlesnake.
Lineup: Matt Sinner – Vocals, Bass, SG Stoner - Guitar, Mick Shirley – Guitar, Ralf Schultz – Drums
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Skid Row – Slave to the Grind
Release Date: 1991
Track Listing: Monkey Buisness , Slave to the Grind, The Threat, Quicksand Jesus, Psycho Love, Get the Fuck Out, Livin on a Chain Gang, Creepshow , In A Darkend Room, Riot Act, Mudkicker , Wasted Time.
Lineup: Sebastian Bach – Vocals, Dave "Snake" Sabo – Guitars, Scotti Hill – Guitars, Rachel Bolan – Bass, Rob Affuso – Drums.
Notes: One version includes "Beggars Day" instead of "Get the Fuck Out".
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Other Skid Row recommendations: Subhuman Race.

Slayer - Reign In Blood
Release Date: 1986
Track Listing: Angel of Death, Piece by Piece, Necrophobic , Altar of Sacrifice, Jesus Saves, Criminally Insane, Reborn, Epidemic, Postmortem, Raining Blood.
Lineup: Kerry King – Guitars, Jeff Hanneman – Guitars, Tom Araya – Vocals, Bass , Dave Lombardo – Drums
Notes: Remaster includes bonus tracks.

Slayer - Show No Mercy
Release Date: 1983
Tracks: Evil Has No Boundaries, The Anti chris t, Die By The Sword, Fight Till Death, Face The Slayer, Black Magic, Tormentor, The Final Command, Crionics , Show No Mercy.
Lineup: Tom Araya – Vocals and bass, Kerry King – Guitar, Jeff Hanneman – Guitar, Dave Lombardo – Drums.
Notes: Remastered.
Genre: Thrash Metal
Other Slayer recommendations: Hell Awaits, South of Heaven.

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die
Release Date: 1985
Track Listing: Sergeant D & The S.O.D., Kill Yourself, Milano Mosh , Speak English Or Die!, United Forces, Chromatic Death , Pi Alpha Nu , Antiprocrastination Song, What's That Noise?, Freddy Krueger, Milk, Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues, Pussywhipped , Fist - Banging Mania, No Turning Back, Fuck The Middle East, Douche Crew (D.C.), Hey Gordy !!, The Ballad of Jimi Hendrix,
Lineup: Billy Milano – vocals, Scott Ian - Guitars ,Danny Lilker - Bass ,Charlie Benante - Drums
Notes: Remastered with bonus tracks.
Genre: Thrash Metal

Sodom - Agent Orange
Release Date: 1989
Track Listing: Agent Orange, Tired And Red, Incest, Remember The Fallen, Magic Dragon, Exhibition Bout, Ausgebombt , Baptism Of Fire, Don't Walk Away.
Lineup: Tom Angelripper - Bass and vocals, Frank Blackfire - Guitars, Chris " Witchhunter " Dudeck - Drums
Genre: German Thrash Metal
Other Sodom recommendations: Sodom .

Steve Vai - Passion and Warfare
Release Date: 1990
Track Listing: Liberty, Erotic Nightmares, The Animal, Answers, The Riddle, Ballerina, For the Love of God, The Audience is Listening, I Would Love To, Blue Powder, Greasey Kid's Stuff, Alien Water Kiss, Sisters, Love Secrets.
Lineup: Steve Vai - Guitars and various instruments, Nancy Fagen, Jamie Firlotte - Vocals, David Rosenthal, Bob Harris, Pia Vai - Keyboards, background vocals, Stuart Hamm - Bass, Tris Imboden, Chris Frazier - Drums.
Genre: Instrumental

Stratovarius - Episode
Release Date: 1996
Track Listing: Father Time, Will the Sun Rise?, Eternity, Episode, Speed of Light, Uncertainty, Season of Change, Stratosphere, Babylon, Tomorrow, Night Time Eclipse, Forever, When The Night Meets The Day.
Lineup: Timo Tolkki - Guitar, Timo Kotipelto - Vocals, Jens Johansson - Keyboards, Jari Kainulainen - Bass, Jorg Michael – Drums.
Notes: Re-release includes bonus tracks.
Genre: Euro Power/ Prog Metal
Other Stratovarius recommendations: Vision, Fourth Dimension.

Stryper - To Hell with the Devil
Release Date: 1986
Track Listing: Abyss, To Hell With The Devil, Calling On You, Free, Honestly, The Way, Sing-Along Song, Holding On, Rockin ' The World, All Of Me, More Than A Man.
Lineup: Michael Sweet – Vocals, Guitars; Robert Sweet – Drums; Tim Gaines – Bass; Oz Fox – Guitars
Notes: Originally released on LP with different artwork, alternate artwork exists on cd version.
Genre: Hard Rock

Suicidal Tendencies – Lights, Camera, Revolution
Release Date: 1990
Track Listing: You Can't bring Me Down, Lost Again, Alone, Lovely, Give it Revolution, Get Whacked, Send Me Your Money?, Emotion No.13, Disco's Out Murders In, Goin Breakdown.
Lineup: Mike Muir – Vocals , R.J. Herrera – Drums , Mike Clark – Guitars , Rocky George – Guitars , Robert Trujillo – Bass
Genre: Hardcore/Thrash Metal

Symphony X - Odyssey
Release Date: 2002
Track Listing: Inferno (Unleash The Fire), Wicked, Incantations Of The Apprentice, Accolade II, King Of Terrors, The Turning , Awakenings, The Odyssey, Masquerade '98.
Lineup: Russell Allen - Vocals, Michael Romeo - Guitars, Mike Lepond - Bass, Michael Pinnella - Keyboards, Jason Rullo – Drums.
Genre: Progressive Metal
Other Symphony X recommendations: The Divine Wings of Tragedy.

Talisman – Talisman
Release Date: 1990
Track Listing: Break Your Chains, Standing on Fire, I’ll Be Waiting, Dangerous, Just Between Us, System of Power, Queen, Lightning Strikes, Day by Day, Women Whiskey & Song, Great Sandwich.
Lineup: Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals, Marcel Jacob – Bass, Christopher Stahl & Mats lindfors – Guitar, Peter Hermansson – Drums, Mats Olausson – Keyboard.
Genre: Hard Rock
Notes: Remastered

Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy
Release Date: 1989
Track Listing: Hang Tough, Lady Luck, Heaven's Trail (No Way Out), Be A Man, Lazy Days, Crazy Nights, Did It For The Money, Yesterday's Gone, Makin ' Magic, The Way It Is, Flight To Nowhere, Love Song, Paradise, Party's Over.
Lineup: Frank Hannon – Guitars , Troy Lucketta – Drums , Jeff Keith – Vocals , Tommy Skeoch – Guitars , Brian Wheat - Bass
Genre: Hard Rock
Other Tesla recommendations: Mechanical Resonance, Five Man Acoustical Jam.

Testament - The New Order
Release Date: 1988
Track Listing: Eerie Inhabitants, The New Order, Trial By Fire, Into the Pit, Hypnosis, Disciples of the Watch, The Preacher, Nobody's Fault, A Day of Reckoning, Musical Death (A Dirge).
Lineup: Chuck Billy - Vocals, Alex Skolnick - Lead Guitar, Greg Christian - Bass, Louie Clemente - Drums, Eric Peterson - Rhythm Guitars.
Genre: Thrash Metal
Other Testament recommendations: The Legacy, Practice What You Preach.

Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous
Release Date: 1978
Track Listing: Jailbreak, Emerald, Southbound, Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song, Dancing In The Moonlight, Massacre, Still In Love With You, Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed, Cowboy Song, Boys Are Back In Town, Don't Believe A Word, Warrior, Are You Ready, Suicide, Sha -La-La, Baby Drives Me Crazy, The Rocker.
Lineup: Phil Lynott – Vocals and bass, Brian Robertson - Guitar, Scott Gorham – Guitar, Brian Downey – Drums.
Genre: Hard Rock
Other Thin Lizzy recommendations: Jailbreak, Thunder and Lightning.

TNT - Knights of the New Thunder
Release Date: 1984
Track Listing: Seven Seas, Ready to Leave, Klassik Romance, Last Summer's Evil, Without Your Love, Tor with the Hammer, Break the Ice, U.S.A., Deadly Metal, Knights of the New Thunder, Eddie.
Lineup: Tony Harnell - Vocals, Ronnie Le Tekro - Guitar, Morty Black - Bass, Diesel Dahl - Drums.
Notes: Two different versions for the cover artwork exists.
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Triumph – Never Surrender
Release Date: 1983
Track Listing: Too Much Thinking, World Of Fantasy, Minor Prelude, All The Way, Battle Cry, Overture (Procession), Never Surrender, When The Lights Go Down, Writing On The Wall, Epilogue (Resolution).
Lineup: Rik Emmett – Lead vocals and Guitar, Mike Levine – Bass, organ and synthesizers, Gil Moore - Lead vocals and Drums.
Notes: Remastered .
Genre: Hard Rock
Other Triumph recommendations: Allied Forces, Progressions of Power.

Trouble - Psalm 9
Release Date: 1984
Track Listing: The Tempter, Assassin, Victim of the Insane, Revelation (Life or Death), Bastards Will Pay, The Fall of Lucifer, Endtime , Psalm 9, Tales of Brave Ulysses.
Lineup: Eric Wagner - Vocals, Bruce Franklin - Guitars, Rick Wartell - Guitars, Sean McAllister - Bass, Jeff Olson – Drums
Genre: Doom Metal
Other Trouble recommendations: Run to the Light, Trouble.

TT Quick - Metal Of Honor
Release Date: 1986
Track Listing: Metal of Honor, Front Burner, Hard as a Rock, Child of Sin, Asleep at The Wheel, Come Beat The Band, Hell to Pay, Queen of the Scene, Glad All Over, Siren Song.
Lineup: David Dipietro - Guitar, Walt Fortune - Bass, Mark Tornillo – Vocals, Eric Ferro - Drums
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Twisted Sister - Under The Blade
Release Date: 1982
Track Listing: What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You), bad Boys (Of Rock n Roll), Run For Your Life, Sin After Sin, Shoot'em Down, Destroyer, Under the Blade, Tear it Loose, I'll Never Grow Up Now!, Day of the Rocker.
Lineup: Dee Snider - Vocals, Jay Jay French - Guitars and backing vocals, Eddie Ojeda - Guitar and backing vocals, Mark "The Animal" Mendoza - Bass and backing vocals, A.J. Pero – Drums.
Notes: Remastered , original recording did not include “I'll Never Grow Up Now”.
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Other Twisted Sister recommendations: You Cant Stop Rock n Roll, Stay Hungry.

Tygers Of Pang Tang - Spellbound
Release Date: 1981
Track Listing: Gangland, Take It, Minotaur, Hellbound , Mirror, Silver And Gold, Blackjack, Story So Far, Tyger Bay, Don't Stop By.
Lineup: Jon Deverill - Vocals, Robb Weir - Guitars, John Sykes - Guitars, Rocky - Bass, Brian Dick - Drums
Genre: Early 80's New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses
Release Date: 1993
Track Listing: Machine Screw, Christian Woman, Black No. 1, Fay Wray Come Out And Play, Kill All The White People, Summer Breeze, Set Me On Fire, Dark Side Of The Womb, We Hate Everyone, Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family), 0.I.F., Too Late: Frozen, Blood And Fire, Can't Lose You.
Lineup: Peter Steele – Bass and Vocals, Kenny Hickey - Guitar, Josh Silver - Keyboards, Sal Abruscato - Drums
Genre: Goth/Doom Metal

UFO - Lights Out
Release Date: 1977
Track Listing: Too Hot To Handle, Just Another Suicide, Try Me, Lights Out, Gettin ' Ready, Alone Again Or, Electric Phase, Love To Love.
Lineup: Phil Mogg - Vocals; Michael Schenker - Guitars; Pete Way - Bass; Paul Raymond - Keyboards; Andy Parker - Drums
Notes: Remastered .

UFO – Strangers In The Night (live)
Release Date: 1978
Track Listing: Natural Thing, Out In The Street, Only You Can Rock Me, Doctor, Doctor, Mother Mary, This Kids, Love To Love, Lights Out, Rock Bottom, Too Hot To Handle, I'm A Loser, Let It Roll, Shoot Shoot .
Lineup: Phil Mogg – Vocals, Michael Schenker – Guitar, Pete Way – Bass, Paul Raymond – Keyboards, Andy Parker – Drums.
Notes: Remastered with bonus tracks.
Genre: Hard Rock
Other UFO recommendations: No Place to Run, Obsession.

Vandenberg - Vandenberg
Release Date: 1982
Track Listing: Your Love Is In Vain, Back On My Feet, Wait , Burning Heart, Ready For You, Too Late, Nothing To Lose, Lost In A City, Out In The Streets.
Lineup: Bert Heerink – Vocals, Adrian Vandenberg – Guitars, Dick Kemper – Bass, Jos Zoomer – Drums
Genre: Hard Rock

Van Halen - Women and Children First
Release Date: 1980
Track Listing: And The Cradle Will Rock, Everybody Wants Some, Fools, Romeo's Delight, Tora Tora , Loss Of Control, Take Your Whiskey Home, Could This Be Magic, In A Simple Rhyme.
Lineup: David Lee Roth – Vocals, Edward Van Halen – Guitars, Michael Anthony – Bass, Alex Van Halen – Drums
Notes: Remastered .

Van Halen - Van Halen
Release Date: 1978
Track Listing: Runnin ' With The Devil, Eruption, You Really Got Me, Aint Talkin Bout Love, I'm The One, Jamie's Cryin , Atomic Punk, Feel Your Love Tonight, Little Dreamer, Ice Cream Man, On Fire.
Lineup: David Lee Roth – Vocals , Edward Van Halen – Guitars , Alex Van Halen – Drums, Michael Anthony - Bass
Notes: Remastered .
Genre: Hard Rock
Other VH recommendations: VH II, Fair Warning, 1984.

Venom - Black Metal
Release Date: 1982
Track Listing: Black Metal, To Hell and Back, Buried Alive, raise the Dead, Acid Queen, Bloodlust, Teacher's Pet, Leave me in Hell, Sacrifice, Heaven's on Fire, Countess Bathory , Die Hard, Don't Burn the Witch, At War with Satan (Intro).
Lineup: Cronos - Bass and Vocals, Mantas - Guitars, Abaddon - Drums
Notes: Remaster includes bonus tracks.
Genre: Black Metal
Other Venom recommendations: Welcome to Hell.

Vicious Rumors - Vicious Rumors
Release Date: 1990
Track Listing: Don't Wait For Me, World Church , On The Edge, Ship Of Fools, Can You Hear It, Down To The Temple , Hellraiser , Electric Twilight, Thrill Of The Hunt, Axe And Smash.
Lineup: Carl Albert – Vocals, Geoff Thorpe – Guitar, Mark McGee – Guitar, Dave Starr – Bass, Larry Howe – Drums
Genre: American Power Metal

Virgin Steele - Invictus
Release Date: 1998
Track Listing: The Blood Of Vengeance, Invictus , Mind, Body, Spirit, In The Arms Of The Death God, Through Blood And Fire, Sword Of The Gods, God Of Our Sorrows, Vow Of Honour , Defiance, Dust From The Burning, Amaranth, A Whisper Of Death, Dominion Day, A Shadow Of Fear, Theme From "The Marriage..", Veni Vidi Vici .
Lineup: David Defeis – Vocals, keyboard; Edward Pursino – Guitars, Bass; Rob Demartino - Bass; Frank Gilchriest - Drums
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal
Other Virgin Steele recommendations: The House of Atreus Parts 1 & 2.

Voivod - Nothingface
Release Date: 1989
Track Listing: The Unknown Knows, Nothingface , Astronomy Domine , Missing Sequences, X-ray Mirror, Inner Combustion, Pre-ignition, Into My Hypercube, Sub-effect
Lineup: Denis Belanger – Vocals, Denis D'Amour – Guitar, Jean-Yves Theriault – Bass, Michel Langevin – Drums
Genre: Earlier albums are Speed/Thrash Metal but as they progressed a variety of sounds can be heard depending on the record.
Other Voivod recommendations: Killing Technology.

Warlock - True As Steel
Release Date: 1986
Track Listing: Mr. Gold, Fight For Rock, Love In A Danger Zone, Speed Of Sound, Midnite In China, Vorwärts All Right!, True As Steel, Lady In A Rock´n´Roll Hell, Love Song, Igloo On The Moon (Reckless), T.O.L.
Lineup: Doro Pesch – Vocals, Peter Szigeti – Guitars, Nico Arvanitis – Guitars, Frank Rittel – Bass, Michael Eurich – Drums
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal

Warlord - Deliver Us
Release Date: 1983
Track Listing: Deliver Us From Evil, Winter Tears, Child Of The Damned, Penny For A Poor Man, Black Mass, Lucifer's Hammer.
Lineup: Jack Rucker – Vocals, Bill Tsamis – Guitars, Diane Arens – Keyboards, Mark Zonder – Drums.
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal

Warrior Soul: Drugs, God & The New Republic
Release date: 1991
Track Listing: Interzone , Drugs God And The New Republic, The Answer, Rocket 88, Jump For Joy, My Time, Real Thing, Man Must Live As One, Hero, The Wasteland, Children Of The Winter.
Lineup: Kory Clarke – Vocals, John Ricco – Guitars, Pete McClanahan – Bass, Mark Evans – Drums.
Notes: Remastered .
Genre: Hard Rock

W.A.S.P - The Crimson Idol
Release Date: 1992
Track Listing: The Titanic Overture, The Invisible Boy, Arena Of Pleasure, Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue), The Gypsy Meets The Boy, Doctor Rockter , I Am One, The Idol, Hold On To My Heart, The Great Misconceptions Of Me.
Lineup: Blackie Lawless - Vocals, Guitar, Bass and keyboards, Bob Kulick - Lead Guitar, Frankie Banali – Drums, Stet Howland – Drums
Notes: 1998 reissue includes a second disc containing bonus live, unreleased, and acoustic tracks.

W.A.S.P - W.A.S.P
Release Date: 1984
Track Listing: I Wanna Be Somebody, L.O.V.E. Machine, The Flame, B.A.D., School Daze, Hellion, Sleeping (in the fire), On Your Knees, Tormentor, The Torture Never Stops.
Lineup: Blackie Lawless - Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar, Chris Holmes - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Randy Piper - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Tony Richards - Drums and backing vocals
Notes: Remaster includes bonus tracks Animal (Fuck Like A Beast), Show No Mercy, and Paint It Black, plus liner notes.
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Other Wasp recommendations: The Last Command, Dying for the World.

Watch Tower - Control and Resistance
Release Date: 1989
Track Listing: Instruments of Random Murder, Eldritch, Mayday in Kiev , Fall of Reason, Control and Resistance, Hidden Instincts, Life Cycles, Dangerous Toy
Lineup: Alan Tecchio – Vocals, Ron Jarzombek – Guitars, Doug Keyser – Bass, Rick Colaluca – Drums
Genre: Progressive Metal

Waysted - Save Your Prayers
Release Date: 1986
Track Listing: Walls Fall Down, Black and Blue, Singing to the Night, Hell Comes Home, Heroes Die Young, Heaven Tonight, How the West was Won, Wild Night, Out of Control, So Long, Fire Under the Wheel.
Lineup: Danny Vaughn - Vocals, Pete Way - Bass, Paul Chapman - Guitars.
Notes: Reissued. Danny Vaughn is also the singer for another melodic hard rock band Tyketto in which "Dont Come Easy" comes highly recommended.
Genre: Hard Rock

White Lion - Fight To Survive
Release Date: 1984
Track Listing: Broken Heart, Cherokee, Fight To Survive, Where do we Run, In the City, All the Fallen Men, Kid of a 1,000 Faces, El Salvador , The Road to Valhalla .
Lineup: Mike Tramp - Vocals, Vito Bratta - Guitars, Felix Robenson - Bass, Nicky Capozzi – Drums.
Notes: Remaster includes bonus tracks.
Genre: Hard Rock

Whitesnake - Whitesnake
Release Date: 1987
Track Listing: Crying in the Rain, Bad Boys, Still of the Night, Here I Go Again, Give Me All Your Love, Is This Love, Children of the Night, Straight for the Heart, Don't Turn Away.
Lineup: David Coverdale - Vocals, John Sykes - Guitar and vocals, Neil Murray - Bass, Aynsley Dunbar – Drums.

Whitesnake - Slide It In
Release Date: 1984
Track Listing: Gambler, Slide It In, Standing In The Shadow, Give Me More Time, Love Ain't No Stranger, Slow An' Easy, Spit It Out, All Over Nothing At All, Hungry For Love, Guilty Of Love.
Lineup: David Coverdale Percussion, Piano, Vocals, Mel Galley – Guitar, vocals, Colin Hodgkinson – Bass, Jon Lord – Keyboards, Micky Moody – Guitar, Neil Murray – Bass, Cozy Powell – Drums, John Sykes – Guitars
Notes: Two versions of the album were recorded with the one featuring John Sykes being the more successful in the U.S. , commonly found in stores and heard on radio.
Genre: Hard Rock
Other Whitesnake recommendations: Early Years compilation, Ready an Willin .

White Zombie - Astro Creep: 2000
Release Date: 1995
Track Listing: Electric Head Pt. 1, Super-Charger Heaven, Real Solution #9, Creature Of The Wheel, Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy),
Grease Paint And Monkey Brains, I Zombie, More Human Than Human, El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run-Blast-O- Rama , Blur The Technicolor, Blood Milk And Sky.
Lineup: Rob Zombie – Vocals, Jay Noel Yuenger – Guitars, Sean Yseult – Bass, John Tempesta – Drums.
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Winger - Pull
Release Date: 1993
Track Listing: Blind Revolution Mad, Down Incognito, Spell I'm Under, In My Veins, Junkyard Dog, The Lucky One, In For the Kill, No Mans Land, Like a Ritual, Who's the One.
Lineup: Kip Winger – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Reb Beach – Guitars, Rod Morgenstein – Drums
Notes: A VERY underrated album that was not given a chance because of the band's previous material and image.
Genre: Hard Rock

Witchfinder General - Death Penalty
Release Date: 1982
Track Listing: Invisible Hate, Free Country, Death Penalty, No Starter, Witchfinder General, Burning A Sinner, R.I.P.
Lineup: Zeeb Parkes - Vocals, Phil Cope - Guitars, Zak Bajjon - Bass, Steve "Kid Nimble" Kinsell – Drums
Genre: Early 80's New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Witchery - Restless & Dead
Release Date: 1998
Track Listing: The Reaper, Witchery, Midnight At The Graveyard, The Hangman, Awaiting The Exorcist, All Evil, House Of Raining Blood, Into Purgatory, Born In The Night, Restless & Dead.
Lineup: Toxine – Vocals, Richard Corpse – Guitar, Patrik Jensen – Guitar, Sharlee D'Angelo – Bass, Mique – Drums.
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal

XYZ - Hungry
Release Date: 1991
Track Listing: Face Down In The Gutter, Don't Say No, Fire And Water, When The Night Comes Down, Off To The Sun, Feels Good, Shake Down The Walls, When I Find Love, H. H. Boogie, The Sun Also Rises In Hell, A Roll Of The Dice, Whiskey On A Heartache.
Lineup: Terry Ilous – Vocals, Marc Diglio – Guitar, Patt Fontaine – bass, Paul Monroe – drums
Notes: Rerelease includes bonus tracks. Highlife (Japanese release only), Two Wrongs Can Make A Right (2001 reissue only).
Genre: L.A. Hard Rock

Y & T - Black Tiger
Release Date: 1982
Track Listing: From The Moon, Open Fire, Don't Wanna Lose, Hell or High Water, Forever, Black Tiger, Barroom Boogie, My Way or the Highway, Winds of Change.
Lineup: Dave Meniketti - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Phil Kennemore - Bass, Leonard Haze - Drums , Joey Alves – Guitar.
Notes: Remastered with a bonus track.
Genre: Hard Rock
Other Y&T recommendations: Earthshaker , Mean Streak.

Yngwie J Malmsteen's Rising Force - Marching Out
Release Date: 1985
Track Listing: Prelude, I'll See the Light Tonight, Don't Let It End, Disciples of Hell, I am A Viking, Overture 1383, Anguish and Fear, On the Run Again, Caught in the Middle, Marching Out.
Lineup: Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Electric and acoustic Guitars, Jens Johansson - Keyboards, Anders Johansson – Drums, Marcel Jacob - Bass, Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals.
Genre: Neoclassical Heavy Metal
Other Malmsteen recommendations: Trilogy, Odyssey, Rising Force.

Zebra - Zebra
Release Date: 1983
Track Listing: Tell Me What You Want, One More Chance, Slow Down, As I Said Before, Who's Behind the Door?, When You Get There, Take Your Fingers From My Hair, Don't Walk Away, The La La Song.
Lineup: Randy Jackson – Vocals and Guitars, Guy Gelso – Drums, Felix Hanemann - Bass
Genre: Hard Rock

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