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Black Trip - Goin’ Under

Label: Threeman Recordings
Format: CD download
Released: 2013
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/ 10

Eight songs, lasting just 34 minutes, from yet another traditional/retro minded Swedish outfit, featuring a bunch of bit players from name bands, including former Entombed/Unanimated/Nefilheim drummer Peter Stjarnvind (now on guitar), Johan Bergeback (bass), who spent time with Dismember, Necrophobic and Nilfelheim and current Enforcer guitarist Joseph Tholl, who handles vocals here. For the debut, they signed with this local, Entombed-owned label. Musically, this is far afield of the aforementioned entities, melodic and closer to 70s hard rock, or modern day purveyors, like Vanderbuyst.


Try the fuzzy, wah wah guitar of the ‘Voodoo Queen’ opener. ‘No Tomorrow’ is the lone (controlled) speedster in the bunch. ‘Tvar Dabla’ mixes in a gritty, early Motorhead vibe, when Lemmy was still copping 50s rock n roll rhythms and simple NWOBHM guitar breaks. A slow ‘Thirst’ is basically a ballad, punctuated by guitar, while the concluding title track is a mellower version of Lynott-era Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden. Quite a nice surprise!

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