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Satan’s Wrath – Aeons Of Satan’s Wrath

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD download
Released: 2013
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8.5/ 10

Looking for an 80s underground heavy metal sound that combined the riffs of thrash with black metal lyrics and imagery, and a audible death vocal? Something that makes you wanna wear that denim jacket with patches and pins, and cover your walls in evil satanic band posters and art? Then look no further…


On ‘Die Witch Die’ those twin guitar harmonies and a creepy church organ opens ‘Archfiend’, and driving rhythm sections, all are obviously influenced by 80s Mercyful Fate, nice job. Elsewhere, 80s and contemporary thrash riffing and change in cadence makes ‘Ecstasies of Sorcery’ an excellent merging of the past and present. Take for example a Witchery, or Toxic Holocaust. ‘All Of Us Witches’ arrangement and rapid fire riffing recalls the greatness of Possessed’s “Seven Churches, while a mid tempo lets the verses and chorus for ‘Satan’s Blood Lucifer’s Fire’ bring forth the evil intentions. Modern black metal masters Watain’s influence creeps into ‘Lives Of The Necromancers’, and a few other times in other songs, heard both in the vocal and arrangement, the dynamic and epic moment that colors the musical landscape. Good stuff.

Break out the Ouija board for this one.

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