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Metal Church - Generation Nothing

Label: Rat Pak
Format: CD download
Released: 2013
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/ 10

Reunited, sort of, as it’s the same line-up that recorded the last Metal Church album (2008’s “This Present Wasteland”), both of which feature only guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof as original member. There’s a little familiarity in these ten songs, albeit not as one might expect. First, singer Ronnie Munroe, now on his fourth Church platter, channels Overkill shrill/gravel-throated vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, on more than one occasion. Check out the chorus on the punky, high energy lead track, ‘Bulletproof’. ‘Dead City’ kicks off with a patented Judas Priest riff, but that’s the end of any such comparison.


Believe it or not, the military cadence snare and haunting, clean guitar notes to start to the almost 9 minute ‘Noises In The Wall’ recall the progressive ‘Cygnus X-1’ Rush era, before ending with a solitary, repetitive heartbeat. Again, just a passing highlight, not an entirely aped tune. Good old school riff in gritty ‘Suiciety’. Pre-release single ‘Scream’ is the heaviest number, with a hint of “The Dark” lurking around. Lyrically, the title track is a hard hitting attack on the video-game generation, wasting their life, or worse, getting off by turning online murder obsessions into reality. ‘Close To The Bone’ could be the soundtrack for all those suffering economically. The rather exaggerated entitled closer ‘The Media Horse’ (say it slowly!) is a rather restrained number, especially to cap the record off. Reports of a rejuvenated live show give this release added importance, since they’ll undoubtedly get Vanderhoof out of the studio, at least for a few gigs!

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