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Tad Morose - Revenant

Label: Despotz Records
Format: CD download
Released: 2013
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

Appropriate title for the first album from Swedes since their excellent “Modus Vivendi”, a decade ago. Really surprised they are still a going concern. In the best moments here, Tad Morose was somewhere between early Savatage (OK, not “Fight For The Rock” era) and Iced Earth: staccato chug of guitars, clickety clack drums and meaty, Tim “Ripper” Owens-inspired vocals that occasionally soar skyward.


Never better than ‘Death Embrace’, however throughout the dozen tracks, the tempo rarely raises above a punishing plod (apart from blazing opener, ‘Beneath A Veil Of Crying Souls’ and brief guitar solos). ‘Spirit World’ comes close to speeding across the finish line. Lackluster: not sure there’s enough here to warrant a “comeback.”

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