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Masters Of Disguise - Back With A Vengeance

Label: Limb
Format: CD download
Released: 2013
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/ 10

We all know the Germans love old 80s American metal. Now, they’ve resurrected the final line-up of Cali speed metallers Savage Grace (all Teutonic, non-original members), under the pluralized (dis)guise of the title to their classic debut platter. To drive the point home, the fabled mirror-shaded, motorcycle patrol office (Knutson) is featured on the cover, in extreme close-up. Ingenious marketing gimmick!


The opening title track is an instrumental, but from there on out, it’s blazing, twin leads and high-pitched vocals: ‘Never Surrender’, police siren enhanced ‘For Now And All Time (Knutson’s Return)’ and ‘Sons Of The Doomed’ leading the way in this high speed chase. Definitely worth a hefty fine and two points on the driver’s license. ‘Alliance’ rides an Iron Maiden approved bassline, disintegrating in a nuclear explosion sound effect, while ‘The Templars’ Gold’ kicks off with ubiquitous clashing steel/whinnying horses soundbite and acoustic guitar. Ah, the memories, your Grace.

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