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Evile – Skull

Label: Earache
Format: CD Download
Released: 2013
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8.5/ 10

I find England’s Evile (along with Havok) to be one of the best leading the charge for the resurgence of traditional 80s Thrash Metal. Evile combine elements of Metallica and Megadeth, but more so a healthy dose of Annihilator in the vocal tone and riffing which is what really sets them apart from the pack. Matt Drake (Lead vocals/ rhythm guitar) has probably the most melodic and cleanest vocal of the heard. Evile also write with varied riffs, tempos, and understand every songs doesn’t have to be full on full speed ahead all the time.


‘Underworld’ out the door is a crusher, fast and furious but with catchy/punchy changes that allows the crunch of the riffs, pounding drum and bass to really land with maximum impact. The short guitar lead in the title track says Slayer’s “Show No Mercy”, then switching to a Testament like build, kicking in to Evile’s own take on delivery. Again, the Annihilator influence is unavoidable, but works. ‘Naked Sun’ pounds the ears into rubble with the slower pacing to ‘Head Of The Demon’ as deadly as the title. See ‘Tomb’ and funny how at times fluctuations in Matt’s voice you hear James Hetfield (Metallica). ‘Words of The Dead’ builds up to maximum aggression and drums so fast it sounds like the rest of the band are trying to catch up. Nice lead work to when it gets the chance. Good stuff. ‘What You Become’ strikes with a straight forward beat and riff.

Strong fourth album that shows solidifying of sound and style.

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