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Soulfly- Savages

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2013
Reviewed By: Omar @ojayy666 Cordy
Rating: 8/ 10

So this is their ninth album and its different. It's not like the last few records where they were over the top fast brutality. This one’s a lot slower, not in the sludge or doom way but in more single kick than double. This is it's own animal. In a good way.


Max Cavalera sounds great and full of piss and fire. There's a youthful tint to his flow and in his playing. Fellow axeman, Marc Rizzo does wonders on this, his leads give so much to this album. The grooviness of the songs make him standout. The last solo ‘Bloodshed’ from 4:30-5:22 to my ears that is probably my favorite Marc solo. The vibe just bleeds eerie. Newest member to the tribe (Hell, he was born into it), is Max’s son, Zion Cavalera. He fits perfectly, can thrash it up when it’s called for and turn into a grove machine with the quickness. It must be pretty awesome to share a passion like music with one’s child. He reminds me of Dave Grohl in a lot of places. Tony Campos is solid as always and with Zion locks in pretty damn nicely. What would a Soulfly record be without its guest stars? In no particular order; Napalm Deaths Mitch Harris loans not his axe but his throat to ‘K.C.S.’. So does Neil Fallon of Clutch on the catchiest track to date ‘Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla’. At first listen I thought it was David Vincent again but I was wrong. It's Jamie Hanks of I Declare War screams his head off on ‘Fallen’. Last up is Max’s other son, Igor Cavalera Jr. on ‘Bleedshed’. Legendary and long time producer Terry Date returns to engineer and mix this bad boy. Its crisp and full sounding like you'd expect from him.

Only thing missing for me was the inclusion of ‘Soulfy IX’ that is found on bonus editions. Another fine notch in the Soulfly legacy. It's a grooving piece of thrash.

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