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LORD AHRIMAN – Guitarist for Dark Funeral

Date: 1/25/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. What kind of topics are you writing about on the new album Attero Totus Sanctus?

AHRIMAN : Our singer Magus Caligula has written some more personal lyrics this time, destroying his demons. Like the rest of our music it is also about our anti Christian point of views. Each album is a reflection of our inner demons and this one is the most personal for us. Musically we are still playing straight ahead Black Metal but its very fast and has many new drum arrangements as well. Many people have said it takes a few listens to discover things in the music you never heard the first time around. Many people upon first listen are going to think its just a lot of fast music but if you take some time and listen to it you can hear the layers we have added.

2. Are you incorporating more guitars solos?

AHRIMAN : No we are not. We never used solos is our music. Its never been our thing and I don't really consider myself a solo guitarist either. Our new guitar player Chaq Mol is really good, he's more old school and technical in that way. I would never say never about incorporating solos into our music but it has to fit for us to use them. Maybe for the next album we will try that.

3. How about more orchestrated parts on the new album?

AHRIMAN : O yeah I think so. There's more feeling and emotions in the music this time, the riffs are more symphonic even though there is not much keyboards being used. We definitely are taking a few more steps forward on the new album.

4. What does the title mean?

AHRIMAN : It means destroy all the white light religions, time to get rid of organized religions. It also means that we have been through so much over the years that if you get in our way at this point we are going to destroy you.

5. What kind of visuals do you bring to the stage? What type of things are you not allowed to do?

AHRIMAN: We try to bring some kind of life to the music, give it a face. Of course with lots of money we can do much more but we just don't have that kind of backing. Listening to the album is one thing but then seeing it live you try to give it more for the full effect of what we are trying to project with the lyrics. It is not really a theatrical show, this is the real thing and there is more seriousness behind the stage performance and the “show”. We have had slaughtered pigs heads on stage and breathing fire. We also had a contortionist on stage who will do various thing with and to his body to give the real feeling of torture. Dark Funeral works at bringing real things into our performance because what we write about in our music and don't see what we do too much as theater. You never really know what to expect from our shows, they can be very spontaneous sometimes but we are working on organizing our ideas a little better and more professional.

6. A question about the song “Teach Children to Worship Satan. Why write such a song title? What about the songs you covered on that E.P.?

AHRIMAN: Well that song came out of a time period when the band was getting a lot of flack from religious and political sanctions. People saying they needed to sane their children from Dark Funeral and Heavy Metal in general. The Metal scene has always been a scapegoat. We just went for it and fucked around with them and went for that kind of title. The song has its serious points also and things that we believe in as well. It is also a tribute to my daughter who was born that year.

As far as the choice in cover songs, King Diamond's “The Trial” was a real challenge for us. I mean no one should cover him, Hahaha, that's King. But we really went into the lyrics and brought in the female voice to play the part of the witch and our singer Caligula played the priest in a sort of role playing game. I think we did a good job. In our live show we have covered the Slayer song “Dead Skin Mask” and “Pagan Fears” by Mayhem. We tried to keep them all very close to the originals because we are such fans of those bands.

7. What is the basis of the Black Metal philosophy?

AHRIMAN: Black Metal is, and those who make this music are supposed to believe in Satanism. It is a Satanic form of music and always has been. That's why I find it ridiculous when I hear about these Christian Black Metal bands who write about praising God. The philosophy incorporates the ideas of following your vision and pleasing yourself. That's what I do with Dark Funeral.

8. How much of your art form in Dark Funeral is part of your everyday life?

AHRIMAN: Everything. As the band continues it becomes more and more a part of our lives.

9. So you have the European tour coming up. Any plans to come to the States?

AHRIMAN: Right now its not in our plans. We want to but we have not had any offers yet. The fans want to see us and we have plans to go to many other places, but the States are not in our schedule yet.

10. Plans to tape a show for DVD?

AHRIMAN: Yes we are taping three shows and one from South America . We have also been collecting footage over the years, some professional footage, old performances from when we started and interviews. We want to make it something special, a sort of history book. The South American show will be something really special because when we flew over to tape the show for the live album we were completely overwhelmed with the response. It was like 3,000 people. We meet some many cool people that we look forward to coming back.

11. Any Black Metal bands you like to listen to that are new?

AHRIMAN: There was a band called Vulcurjia that we took on the road with us that I really liked. They were younger like 18 and didn't have a deal but still very good, dedicated to their band. I give them my support. I still really like the older ones.

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