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Peavy Wagner – Bass and Vocals for Rage

Date: 5/29/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. So the new album “Speak of the Dead” has been out over seas and recently came out in the States. How is it being received?

PEAVY: It has been out for a few months in Europe and the reaction has been positive. For years now this is where we have consistently worked so we are lucky to have the support from our home. As far as the States I am not sure, unfortunately I do not get hear too much feedback from the States. I think this is our first record (first on Nuclear Blast) that has really come out their that was not an import. It is still difficult for our and this style of music in America .

2. Any promo videos?

PEAVY: Yes we did one for “No Fear” which is getting some airplay in Europe .

3. Any plans to tour the States?

PEAVY: No not at this time and I have not heard anything for this year, at least right now but that of course could change. We really don't have anyone working on those kinds of plans for Rage in America .

4. The one show you did play in America was at the ProgPower festival in Atlanta . How was that?

PEAVY: That was great the fans are real diehards that really know everything.

5. Your new album “Speak of the Dead” is half with the orchestra and the second half is straight forward Rage. From what I understand your guitarist Victor Smolski wrote the orchestrated parts with the orchestra?

PEAVY: Yes he wrote the music and recorded with the orchestra. He went to Russia and recorded it with the Minsk symphonic orchestra. Usually he is recording film scores and stuff with those guys to begin with. The idea was divide up the album into two halves. We were initially going to make it a double album and have the both sides to Rage, the more melodic and orchestrated and the straight ahead heavier songs. I don't know if you knew but we did this before about ten years ago with the orchestra which was kind of famous for us at the time in Europe . The record company decided to make it one album for “Speak of the Dead”. When we did it the first time with the orchestra Rage was a different band and we worked with a different orchestra at the time.

I wrote most of the lyrics and the metal songs for the second half of the album.

5. Aside from working with the orchestra again for the new album, was there anything you were trying to do differently musically?

PEAVY: I think working with the orchestra this time it has some more variety to the arrangements, some fusion parts. Its was very well done by Victor, he has been studying music and instruments for many years so that was a major part to the variety heard in the songs.

6. You put out a DVD called “From The Cradle To The Stage” which documents to the beginnings of Rage's history when it was called Avenger to today. Was that well received?

PEAVY: Yes it was very good and gave us much more recognition as a band. It was a good history lesson for people who have never heard the band because it includes old and new video clips, a history film, and a full concert with the current members. Between the concert and the video clips you get something from every Rage album. As far as how it was received in the States I am not sure because SPV put that out and I have no idea what they have done for us in the States.

Recently we shot another concert for DVD which we recorded in Russia with the orchestra. There are some different songs on this new DVD that were not included on the “From the Cradle to the Stage”.

7. What are your touring plans?

PEAVY: We will do some of the summer festivals in Europe like always. We just did Russia in March, South America , Japan . We want to do some more shows with the orchestra live so we keep busy. Like you said Helloween is coming to the States in October and our management knows them so maybe we can see what we can do. I like that idea. We need some touring support from Nuclear Blast of course to do that.

8. Anything you'd like to say to the American Rage fans?

PEAVY: Yes I want to say thank you for their support because obviously there are some and those who are reading this interview, Haha . And I hope we can get to play there soon.

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