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Edu Falaschi – Vocals for Angra

Date: 11/13/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. Angra has only done a handful of dates in the U.S. Why is it so hard for the band to come to the States?

EDU: Well I think the main reason for it not being so easy to play in the USA  is because the scene for classic melodic Heavy Metal is not that strong. But I hope in the future it will become better because you have bands like Iron Maiden Judas Priest going back on tour in the U.S. I think with recognizable faces like them will make the awareness of bands like ourselves more accepted. I think the American people prefer like Thrash, Metalcore or Nu Metal, the more extreme sounds. For us its no so easy to become popular because of that. But now we are working with SPV and they are supporting the band. Plus I think with this new record “Aurora Consurgens” it is a bit more modern, straight to the point. I think the direction we are taking the band with this new record is a good introduction for the American fans.

2. How was it playing the ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta and what are your thoughts on the festival itself?

EDU: ProgPower has been a very important festival for both Angra and the scene but it is a bit small compared to the whole music scene in the USA . You know what I mean? Its just so small compared to the entire USA and the music business in itself.

I'm gonna give an example……We probably play to like over 1,000 people at ProgPower but when we play Brazil, or say if Edguy or Blind Guardian or Stratovarius come to play we can play to three or four thousand people always in more than one city. Like yesterday we did a show here in a city close to San Paulo and we played to 3,000 people. So just to give an example. But to play that festival is really important for the history of the maybe return of classic Heavy Metal in the USA you know to make the scene stronger. But unfortunately its just very small compared to the whole scene in America and its difficult to reach the masses. The American metal scene is very important to the whole world but we need to play to more people. Bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Sabbath, big bands like they are make it possible for us to also become more recognized.

The fans of that festival are really the best they make it all possible for the festival to happen. I felt the people really want to see the metal become bigger and bigger. They are really part of the whole scene supporting every band that plays the festival and its run very well also. We have had two really special experiences at that fest.

3. What do you think it is that makes it so difficult for melodic metal bands like yourselves to become recognized in the States?

EDU: I don't really know why but I think when say a band like Sepultura came out in the early 90's the people were really interested in this really extreme strong metal. I think the melodic scene, even in the past, was not really that strong in the U.S. But many bands now like Dragonforce that play this kind of Power Metal music are going to change some things to an extent. It is very important, for us I think, the kind of recognition they are getting because even though they are similar to us we do have these Brazilian roots in our music which makes us different than the rest. Of course we have the influences from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and especially Helloween but especially with this new album we mix the Brazilian atmospheres in the music by using the Brazilian percussions, elements of classical and jazz, Cuban music. We do have similar influences to a Stratovarius or Blind Guardian but we are still different because we are Brazilian. Those bands are from Finland and Germany and we come from Brazil . So we are obviously going to have our own sound coming from this part of the world. We are kind of like an ethnic metal band.

5. Tell us about the new record “Aurora Consurgens” and what the title translates to in English?

EDU: It's a Latin phrase and it translates to “the sunrise” and this title is also of a book. Some people use to relate this book to mental disorders. “Aurora Consurgens” is the name of the book so we chose that's why we used it for the album title. The music is a bit darker this time around because it relates directly to the lyrics which are all about mental disorders, schizophrenia, manic depression. So at the time this book was seen as too obscure at the time. Scientists have said that the author Saint Thomas of Aquin may have been kind of crazy when he was writing this book.

The main draw on the cd artwork of the twins and the eagle its original. The balls were done by a French girl who has worked with us before and she created those to go with the original artwork. But the main thing from the draw is from the book.

6. I have a question on the past of the band if you could answer that? Do you know the reasons for singer Andre Matos, bassist Luis Mariutti and drummer Ricardo Confessori's departure form the band?

EDU: Well I don't know much about that situation but those guys were great musicians and important to the beginning of that band. The main reason I think was that those guys wanted to do something else musically and that's why they formed Shaaman. I don't think Andre, Luis and Ricardo are friends anymore with Kiko and Rafael. I believe it was a musical thing. From what I have read Shaaman has now spilt.

7. What do you think is different about Angra since you have become a member?

EDU: I think we are more united now because I am going to tell you my point of view. Before I joined Angra I was in another band and everybody had this same point of view at the time, that it was Andre Matos as the leader and then there was the rest of the band. Now I think it is seen that we are a band.

8. Angra are considered a Power Metal band would you say so?

EDU: Yes I think Angra is in a way and we have those elements and similarities to Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Edguy, etc. But I associate that style to more European sounds, we are not German or Finnish. We do not have such a structure to our music like they do. Those bands have a very particular style and arrangement to their music.

We are always changing, we like to mix everything to be more creative or more original with our music. When you compare the first Angra album “Angels Cry” which is more so Power Metal to what they did with “ Holy Land ” to what the band has done since I joined with “Rebirth” and “ Temple of Shadows ” they are all different from each other. This new album is heavier, more straight forward and modern, even catchier. That's why we don't like to say we are a Power Metal band. We are more of a Heavy Metal band with a variety of sounds in the music like Brazilian percussions or choirs. So we are always trying to create different sounds within our music.

9. Who would consider are the godfathers of Power Metal?

EDU: Definitely Helloween. They created this kind of style with a lot double bass, twin guitar leads, melodic chorus'. Helloween are the fathers.

10. What are maybe your favorite albums or songs to perform live?

EDU: I don't know there are a lot I like. I am a little too close to the whole thing to choose songs, I really need to step outside of the whole thing and look at it as a fan you know. As far as an album I really like this new one. I like what we have done with it, its more mature, powerful. It's not full of orchestras and choirs, things like that. I really like to play live with just plugging the guitars and playing Metal. I am into the old style. Sometimes when we are touring and we have to recreate the big choirs and orchestrations on stage we have to use samples and play with clicks and so I don't really like that. That's why I like this one it's a bit simpler and more powerful when played live. I feel a good energy when we play these songs live. But I really like the albums the albums I have recorded with the band thus far.

11. Are you working on any side projects outside of Angra?

EDU: Actually I am I have a solo record coming out. It is current out in Japan and Brazil . It should be released in Europe and the States in February 2007. Its called “Almah” both the project name and album title and it is very straight forward Hard Rock/Metal. And I think when the band heard it it was something that they wanted to go for with the new Angra which is why it came out sounding the way it did.

I have Lauri Porra from Stratovarius on bass, Emppu Vuorinen from Nightwish on guitars, and Casey Grillo from Kamelot so I have some very important players for the scene. I also have Mike Stone from Queensryche doing a guitar solo so yeah I got great talented friends to play on this. The music is not too technical or elaborate.

12. What does Angra have planned for 2007?

ANGRA: We should be touring throughout 2007. We already started the tour a few weeks ago in Japan co headlining with Megadeth. That was awesome. Then we will do some shows here in Brazil until the new year. In January we will go to Japan with Blind Guardian and do a few other Asian countries. After those we will go to Europe to do Italy , France , Spain as usual, in February and then do USA and Canada in May. After that we will go south to Mexico Ecuador, Columbia stuff like that.

I think we will also record another DVD as well because it is the 15 th anniversary of the band. We may work with an orchestra for it but nothing too elaborate, maybe adding some percussion, violins, a small orchestra behind the music. The main thing is celebrating the bands longevity. We would also like to play many old songs for it that were not played on the last tour.

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