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Henrik Klingenberg – Keyboards for Sonata Arctica

Date: 1/10/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1. So before you were called Sonata Arctica the band was called Tricky Means. Why the name change?

HENRIK: Well at the time I was not in the band but from what I know their style at the time was more Hard Rock and a little prog. The name changed when they got signed to Spinefarm before the first album “Ecliptica” came out.

2. So tell us about the latest cd “Reckoning Night” and what, if anything, did you try to accomplish with it?

HENRIK: With every band you try to evolve a little at a time while maintaining your signature sound. That's basically what we did. I brought in the Hammond organ which added to the music, nothing major as far as changes but it was something different to expand a bit on our sound.

3. The response you received last year in New York when you opened for Overkill was very impressive. Was that a complete surprise or did the band already know it had a strong fan base in the States?

HENRIK: at first we were supposed to come with Nightwish and they cancelled. So it was a nice surprise to see a crowd like we had when we played in New York .

4. Have the European bands started to change their views on what the scene is like for this type of sound in America ?

HENRIK: Well I know when we came here last year it was for only about two weeks and that was a great start. Good crowds and response. I think yeah bands have begun to notice there is fans of this music in the U.S. and more open to do some touring.

5. Why didn't you tour here with another European band as either support or a headliner you would open for? The Edguy/Hammerfall tour last year did very well so why not for you guys?

HENRIK: At this time there just wasn't anything suitable and the band is not big enough in the States for us to bring over a band to support us.

6. Has Sonata been asked to play ProgPower in Atlanta ?

HENRIK: Yeah I think that offer came about a year or two ago but it just didn't fit into our schedule at the time. I know Symphorce was on tour with us at the time they flew over to play the festival and said it was great and well worth it. So yes it is something we would like to do.

7. Tell us something about each of your albums and what makes one differ from the other?

HENRIK: Well with “Ecliptica” it was an exciting time just blasting away at the music, not so refined. “Silence” was more mature songs, the music evolved a bit. On “Winterheart's Guild” I think the band found its sound a bit more and with Jens from Stratovarius doing the solos that has an impact of course. With “Reckoning Night” that was my first time recording with the band. So we tried some different things, I brought the Hammond organ into the sound so that made some subtle additions.

8. Will the live DVD come out in the States and what are some of the details behind it?

HENRIK: I think so I don't see why it wouldn't. It's a live show, biographies, some behind the scenes, screwing around in Japan . No promo videos, that stuff will be included in a future DVD that will be more comprehensive.

9. What does the rest of 2006 have in store for Sonata Arctica?

HENRIK: After these shows in the States we start a tour of Europe , Russia , and then of course the European festivals over the summer.

10. What type of setlist do you have planned for the States?

HENRIK: I don't want to give too much away….I know we will do “Don't Say a Word”, “Misplaced”, “The Cage”, I don't want to give it away. I think half the set is different from the last time we played there. We are doing a medley of some stuff as well.

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