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Tom Angelripper - Bassist and singer for Sodom

Date: 5/5/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. So recently your first ever DVD “Lords of Depravity” was released. What is the projected time frame for Part 2 and what will that include?

TOM: Well we don't want to release something that we are not happy with so I don't want to make any promises. That's what happened when we were working on ‘Lords of Depravity Part 1”, there was so much material to go through that we wanted to include that the processes took longer than expected but I think many will agree it was well worth the wait. I would like to get it out some time early next year maybe. The second one may be around five hours running time. We want to include a tour documentary that includes our first shows in the States plus the history will continue from when Bobby and Bernemann joined the band in 1995. It will also include footage of us working on our latest self titled album. The first part of the DVD was so successful that we want to make this one as good. It was real important to get on that first DVD footage of all the old Sodom members telling their stories about being part of Sodom 's history, as well as some of the classic footage and photos included.

2. On the “Lords of Depravity Part 1” DVD you talk about the “ Mortal Way of Live” album and include footage from that show. Was there an official video release to coincide with the live album and will that see release on DVD?

TOM: Yes it was an official release at the time but the problem now is that the original master tapes from that show are lost and I don't want to release a copy made from a video tape for DVD.

3. Any plans to reissue and remaster your back catalogue with bonus tracks?

TOM: Yes there are plans to and we would like to include that footage from the “ Mortal Way of Live” for these rereleases. When we initially recorded “Obsessed by Cruelty” the record company was not satisfied with the recording so it was recoded twice, one in Berlin so there were two versions released. They sent the wrong master tapes to America so it came out there by mistake, its good to have for collectors and is missing a track called “After the Deluge” on th at version. We would like to release both versions of “Obsessed by Cruelty” on CD. Also when we initially recorded “In the Sign of Evil” we had a complete album ready but when the record company people came to the studio they were not happy with all the songs so we were only able to mix five tracks at the time. When we remaster and reissue it now we will include the bonus tracks that were left off. Maybe we will do a little re mixing also but some of our plans are top secret right now. I don't want to give too much away.

4. What about the tracks from the “Exposure of Sodomy” E.P., will they be included for the reissues?

TOM: Right now those songs can be found on the “Persecution Mania” CD but yes we will release those also. Maybe release a CD of singles and unreleased tracks on one disc. For us a track like “The Saw is the Law”, “Sodomy and Lust” or “The Conqueror” was a time when Sodom was making really good music ya know.

5. Why were there no tracks from “Obsessed by Cruelty” included on the live disc of the “Lords of Depravity” DVD?

TOM: I think it was when we were listening to “Obsessed by Cruelty” our guitarist Bernemann said “What were you guys playing there?”. I forgot all the guitar riffs ya know. For these shows this year we want some more older tracks in the set like “Obsessed” or “Proselytism Real” ya know. A lot of material off “Persecution Mania” and “Agent Orange” we have never played before live with this current lineup so I talked to the guys we have to play something off “In the Sign of Evil” but also “Obsessed by Cruelty”. The other members maybe don't like “Obsessed” but the fans like it. We are thinking about doing a kind of medley too. We do have to change around some of the classics that have been in our set plus we also have to work in a few things off the new album ya know.

6. Is there anything that you wanted to include on “Lords Part1” that will make it onto part 2?

TOM: No. What we want to do is include some interview stuff and some old pictures that I just got my hands on for Part 2. There were some things I just did not have at the time to include for part 1 so I want to get it on the second one.

7. Tell us about the new self titled Sodom album and which past Sodom release do you think you can compare it to?

TOM: I don't think you can compare it. I think it's a new album and new songs. We always try to make better song with each album. I think the most important thing with this album is the production. With the last record M-16 we were not really satisfied. The new self titled Sodom was recorded and mixed by an old friend Andy Brings. The former Sodom guitarist produced the new album at his Midas Twins studios in Hagen , Germany , together with sound engineer Haan Hartmann, bringing out the best in all three of us. Andy did a great job and really lured the best performance out of me, I was really satisfied. Andy told me I was the best thrash metal singer in the world, Hahaha. He said you could do more than what you did on “M-16” or “Code Red” before. That was really good for the working environment. But I don't want to compare it to any other albums. I have read some reviews where they said this was the best album since “Agent Orange” but you know we have had so many albums between then. I have heard comparisons made to “Tapping the Vein” too but I think that had its own style in tracks like “The Crippler”, “Skinned Alive” or “Body Parts” and “Reincarnation” which is a wonderful song ya know … but I don't hear that. I think this new Sodom lineup is really strong at the moment ya know…we have been together for ten years now. We are getting better from album to album. There is no record company telling us what to do we just get together and play the music we want to. We never mind what other bands do.

8. Any promo videos for the new self titled album?

TOM: Yeah we will do one maybe for “Wanted Dead”. Video clips are very expensive plus in Germany there are not many avenues on TV to show them ya know. We never really did many video clips before because we want to play live.

9. How were your first few U.S. dates and did they meet your expectations?

TOM: Well we did do one show in the States at the Milwaukee Metal fest and that was real bad ya know. Now we just did these few dates with Finntroll which went real well but now we need to do a real tour ya know. Its not a problem of money but if I am going on the road for several weeks I do have to bring home something for my family ya know. Its different in Germany . With good promotion in the States you can get some decent money plus we also need a good promoter too. We want try and do European tour at the end of this year and then come back to the U.S.

10. When you played the show at BB King Blues Club in New York you only a little over an hour. Is there a reason why such a short set?

TOM: Yeah well there was a curfew plus there was a few other bands on the bill, that was the problem. We usually play for about 90 minutes elsewhere. In festivals in Europe we only play for 40 minutes. Its not that we don't want to play it was just a problem of time.

11. Now you are returning for one show again at BB Kings. Is there a reason for just this one show?

TOM: Our promoter from America asked us to come back because of the success from the first show. What I don't understand is why in America right after the band is done playing the show the venue kicks out the fans. I mean this is the first time we are touring the States we want to meet with the fans after the show and take pictures, have some beers with everyone, sign records. I really hope we can arrange something next time. That's only in America where that happens. Maybe an after party even at another club in New York city . We would like to this in LA also. We want to return something to the fans so I would really like to do this. In Germany there is always an after party or something.

12. Anything you would like to add?

TOM: After playing Mexico and South America and Europe we want to return to the States. We really would like to come back, maybe set up a classic thrash package or something. I know there was talk of us going out with Destruction and Kreator but that is a matter of timing. Its not my decision either those things are worked out by the record companies. I know Destruction will be there in May but that was not a time we could return. I want to thank the fans also for their continued support of Sodom , that's very important.

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