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Silenoz – Guitarist for Dimmu Borgir

Date: 1/16/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. So what were the major changes to the rerecording of “Stormblast”?

SILENOZ: It was mostly in the sound and production, the arrangements are still basically the same, tweaked a few endings ya know. We didn't want to put an orchestra or anything. Keep it close to the way it was before.

2. Did you try to keep the same guitar sound from the original recording?

SILENOZ: No because that was partially the reason why we didn't like that album and wanted to rerecord it. On the original the guitars lack power and punch, it didn't sound like a big album. That's why we went back to Peter's place (Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy) because he gave us a great sound on “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” which was the successor to the original. We wanted to keep that same kind of sound.

3. There are two bonus tracks. Are they leftovers from the original “Stormblast” recordings?

SILENOZ: The first one called "Sorgens Kammer - Del II" is basically an older riff that Shagrath and I had lying around and we put it together for this new version, newly recorded for this release. The second one "Abmaktslave” is a real old one, even before the first album “For All Tid” and something we found in the archives. Its also going to be the video song. Hopefully fans will get to download it some how because its quite explicit. Very old school Black Metalish stuff and pretty controversial, Haha, gotta get that publicity ya know.

4. What is the design of the cover supposed to be?

SILENOZ: We really didn't own the original artwork so we had to come up with something new. The artist who did “Death Cult Armageddon” did something simple for us because we wanted the artwork to match the simplicity of how we sounded at the time of the original recording in 1996, as well as how we visually are today. Its basically some kind of goat heat, something straight forward.

5. Before Ozzfest, the band really started to make a name for itself in the sates. How has that appearance on Ozzfest changed things?

SILENOZ: Sales wise we have tripled in the States so that's very big. As far as the festival itself that went very well, organized. Playing the mainstage it was different because we were not used to seeing people sitting down in seats for a show, but it was an experience. Next time if we do an out door festival like that I would rather play the second stage because that's more of an energetic atmosphere.

6. Have you considered rerecording “For All Tid” also?

SILENOZ: I guess that's a valid question but now that Nuclear Blast has distribution of it and it was mastered again when they picked it up so its really not necessary. I mean sound wise it's probably if not as bad or worse than “Stormblast” but we have the whole back catalogue in good distribution now so there is no real need. We re did “Stormblast” because a lot of fans look at it as a classic and the band itself has not really seen it in that way until now.

7. Who played on the rerecorded “Stormblast”?

SILENOZ: It was myself and Shag on guitars, bass and vocals with Mustis our current keyboardist doing the keys and Hellhammer who recently just joined us doing drums. We didn't want to bother bringing in the whole lineup, it just would have meant more time and hassle with the current lineup in the studio. It was easier this way.

8. Have you started writing for the new Dimmu Borgir album and what are the songs starting to sound like?

SILENOZ: We have the skeletons of at least three or four songs, we aren't going to stress it. I'm not really sure what they are sounding like yet its too early. No major changes, it sounds very dark. I'm not even sure if we are going to use a full orchestra again. Mustis is pretty good at arranging orchestral stuff so we may go back to just using keyboards. Mustis had some help on what he composed on “Puritanical” from a conductor we know in Norway who also worked with us on “Death Cult”. I'm sure we could bring him in even if we don't decide to work with an orchestra again this time around.

We are working on some kind of story for the album. Its not going to be like a Queensryche “Operation Mindcrime” but it will have a story.

9. Explain to someone who is completely ignorant to Dimmu what your lyrics are about.

SILENOZ: Its heavy and dark yet melodic. The words are pretty controversial for some but for us its an outlet for our hate towards any type of organized religion and about fighting for your own values following them. Its about putting yourself in front instead of following righteous guidelines.

10. What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about Black Metal music?

SILENOZ: That it's all noise. There are bad Black Metal bands out there that are going to be bad, but that's not the case for all of it. For a fan of say Power Metal he may just not get it because it is extreme music. If you like extreme sounds then you will like this style of Metal.

11. Any plans to record a show for a DVD?

SILENOZ: Not at the moment but I'm sure after the new album comes out we will do something. It's been a while since “World Misanthropy”. We can probably release something now but that would be just ripping people off.

12. Do you have a favorite Dimmu album?

SILENOZ: Well I always say its the latest one because with each album you get usually more and more satisfied. You know that the next one is not going to be perfect but hopefully with each one they get better. But I am happy with all of them for different reasons. There is actually two mastered versions of “Spiritual Black Dimensions”, the second one which is out in stores in not the one I like, the sound is not as tight. The first one is warmer sounding, you can hear the details much better I think.

13. Are there any current Black Metal bands you really like?

SILENOZ: I really don't pay too much attention to Black Metal these days. There are a few Swedish ones but usually I go back in time for that for like Mayhem, Emperor, Immortal, Bathory. Those always stand the test of time.

14. What is the time frame for the new record and the rest of the 2006?

SILENOZ: We will work on the album for the rest of the year and plan on getting out sometime in the beginning of 2007 with touring after that. A few festival over this summer, no U.S. dates at this point unless we get some offers.

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