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Dreggs  - Crunch Guitar and Digital Anarchy for Deadstar Assembly

Date: 8/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1.  Deadstar's image is clearly geared for a younger audience and many would call you based on your appearance a Hot Topic band.  Your music is obviously influenced by the gothic/industrial sounds of Marilyn Manson yet, your songs are a bit more tuneful, maybe can I say more danceable.  So my question is what is your take on your own music?  Would you assume Deadstar Assembly's music will only appeal to kids who are only into this type of music because it's a phase for now? 

DREGGS: I don't really consider us to be a "hot topic" band.  Our roots lay with a genuine history of industrial and metal that, although influenced by many others, help distinguish us from any other "cookie cutter" groups who don't have any heart behind their craft. Our appeal is pretty vast, way beyond the teenage demographic that most bands cut off at. 

2.  What have you tried to do with your music, if anything, to help people distinguish yourselves from other Marilyn Manson copycats out there?

DREGGS: One thing thats been a constant for us is our music style. It would be very easy to copy any other band out there and just toss a few new riffs or lyrics on it and call it our own, but we prefer to maintain the feel we've presented since day 1. That will never

3.  Electronic elements are a major part to your music.  Were there any of the alternative bands from the 80's that influenced this side to your music?

DREGGS: Definetly! For me it would be from the likes of Depeche mode, Duran Duran, Faith No More, Skinny Puppy etc. 

4  What kind of touring has the band done and with whom?

DREGGS:  At this point our touring has been modest, and limited mostly to the east coast/mid west. We've been fortunate to be able to share the stage with a few very amazing bands such as The Birthday Massacre, Celldweller, And Wednesday 13. 

5. Tell us about the video for "Killing Myself".

DREGGS:  The video was filmed over a course of one night in a dance studio in  Miami . Rounds of alchohol flowed, and our agression came out and things just took their natural course, which made for an angry hard hitting video that I think fits the song perfectly.

  6.  What type of scene is there for this style of music in Florida and are there other bands like yourselves doing this type of rock music?

DREGGS: Many bands similar to us have come and gone since the bands conception 4 years ago. The scene down here is
still strong for our style, which is apparent by the amount of people come out and support the local shows.

 7.  Do you consider yourselves a Heavy Metal band? Who do you like that is new in hard rock music? 

: It's really hard to place a definate label on our sound. I'm currently loving the current resurgance of 80s style metal thats been popping up lately such as Dragonforce and Avenged Sevenfold. 

8.  What is Deadstar Assembly up to for the rest of 2006/07?

DREGGS:  Tour!! We also hope to finish and relase our 2nd DVD "The Dark Hole Sessions Volume: 2". 

9.  Why the name Deadstar Assembly?

  DREGGS:  The name was decided by Dearborn back before the band was even a full band. Influenced by the drug infested trend filled masses that gather on the streets of South Beach ,  Miami . 

10.  Closing comments?

DREGGS: To our fans, see you on the road soon! Thanks for the interview!

Official website: www.deadstar.com

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