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Derek  Sherinian  - Solo artist, Keyboards one time for Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Planet X, Billy Idol.

Date: 06/2006
Interviewed By: Rich Catino


1.  Tell us why you picked the guitar players you did, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie, John Petrucci, Brad Gillis, Slash, for the new solo album Blood of the Snake"?

DEREK: As always, I try to cover a lot of musical gorund on my recordings. Each of these players are great in their own way, and I casted each of them in the appropriate musical scenarios.

2.  You worked again with your former Dream Theater band mate John Petrucci.  How was that experience working with him again and any chance of you working with those guys again?

DEREK: It was great to work with John again. He is such a pro, and has great facility on his instrument. John is very open to ideas, and has a great attitude. He is invited to play on my records anytime.

3. Why call the album "Blood of the Snake"?

DEREK: It came down to the wire where I needed to commit to a title.  "Blood of the Snake" was the best song title that could be used as an album title, so I went with it. I really think the cover works great with the title.

4. The songs Yngwie plays on feature what I feel are some of his best lead work in more recent years.  Almost had a "Rising Force" or "Trilogy" feel to them and more so than his recent release "Unleash the Fury".  So tell us about the recording of those songs.

DEREK: There is nobody on the planet that plays the Spanish Phrygian shred guitar style better than Yngwie. He influenced me while I was a teenager, so to be able to not only tour with him, but to produce him on my music is an awesome experience. He does not do a lot of guest appearances, so it is really an honor to have him on my records.  He really wanted to make sure that I was happy with his tracks. He has invited me to play on his next record this year.

5. Aside from this recent solo album what else are you currently involved with?

DEREK: I am leaving on a European, and US tour with Billy Idol next week> I am also finishing up my tracks for the next Planet X record that will be released next year.

6.  There is variety of musical styles on your solos albums.  So which of them do you feel more comfortable with playing?

DEREK:  I feel comfortable with all of it.

7. What do you think of Dream Theater's music before and after you left the band?

DEREK: I think Dream Theater deserves a lot of credit for maintaining their musical integrity at all times. There isnt a lot of bands that can claim that. I am proud to have them on my list of bands that I have played with.

8. Any plans for touring to support the new album and if so who will be on board for the live shows?

DEREK:  No plans as of now, but you never know!

9. Have you ever been offered work composing music for a film score? 

DEREK: I havent as of yet. It is something that i would like to do in the future.

10. What is your immediate schedule looking like for 2006/07?

DEREK: Billy Idol tour, Planet X record, Yngwie record, then Billy Idol's next record. And of course promoting "Blood of the Snake". Check out samples at dereksherinian.com.

Official website: www.dereksherinian.com

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