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King – Bass for Norway's Gorgoroth

Date: 07/24/06
Interviewed By: Rich Catino



1. According to your website you have recently left the band sighting “ideological aspects of the band's agenda”. Yet, here we are doing this interview in support of the latest Gorgoroth album “ Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam”?

KING: Well it's a strange situation but my reasons for leaving have nothing to do with the band its personal. Thats my work on the new album so even though I am not currently in the band I am still doing promotion for the new album.

2. What does the title “Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam” translate to?

KING: The title more or less means In honor of Satan. The title came about after reading an article on the counter reformation, the Jesuit Order and Ignatius de Loyola. The Society of Jesus (Societas Iesu (S.J.) in Latin) is a Christian religious order of the Catholic Church in direct service to the Pope.

3. Tell us about the artwork for the new album.

KING: That is a painting, well part of a painting from the 19 th century that we liked. We used several pieces of that artwork for the cd cover and the booklet.

4. Where does the name Gorgoroth come from and what is the artistic direction of the band?

KING: The name Gorgoroth is taken from the J.R.R. Tolkien series The Lord Of The Rings, in which it is a dead plain of evil and darkness in the land of Mordor . Our artistic direction has and always will be based in Satanism. That is our belief system and is the essence to true Black Metal which is what we create. The music for the new album “Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam” was written between 2002-04. When it comes to writing I just create riffs, there is no real formula to what Gorgoroth creates.

5. What does the term Black Metal mean to you?

KING: I know a lot of bands use that term these days, its basically a form of extreme music. For me it has to have a Satanic approach or its not true Black Metal. Many bands don't have a serious approach to the music they make.

6 . Who then do you consider a true Black Metal band?

KING: I wont go into those kinds of things but a band like Dissection have a strong agenda and a strong will to fronting their ideology.

7. While listening to the new album, a track like “White Seed” reminds me a lot of a Bathory arrangement. Do you find a lot of Gorgoroth's music influenced by Bathory's music?

KING: Not really. Its hard to describe your own music. When I wrote “White Seed” I didn't think of Bathory. I am not aware of my inspirations when I write music.

8 . Your original bass player in the early 90's was imprisoned for burning down a church. What are your thoughts on this type of radical activity by those from Black Metal music? Do you find this behavior ridiculous or purposeful to some opinions?

KING: Well he was more of a session bass player for the band back in the day and I wasn't part of the band at the time. It's a large issue to talk about, personally I wouldn't burn down a church to make my Satanic or anti Christian beliefs known. I do understand the way of thinking leading to do such an act but personally would not do that.

9 . Have you ever played the States and if not are there any plans to?

KING: We did in 2000 for the Milwaukee Metalfest but that was it. We have got offers but right now our singer Gaahl is in prison for an assault incident preventing us obviously from touring. He is getting released sometime in December I have heard it is hard to come to the States if you have a criminal record so we have to see.

10. Very few authentic Black Metal bands like yourselves , Marduk, Mayhem, and until recently Emperor get to tour the States. Why is that?

KING: Well like I said before if you have a criminal record that is a problem which is the case with some of the members of these type of bands. I think also is this type of music is bigger in Europe than the U.S. so its just harder for us to get offers and support from records labels.

11 . Has the commercial success of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth opened some doors for more Black Metal bands to tour the U.S. ?

KING: Bands like them are doing different things than we do. They are more commercial than we are at this point so it doesn't quite affect bands like ourselves who are more extreme both musically and visually.

12 . Any plans to release a concert DVD?

KING: Yes we had shot one show in 2004 in Poland but the tapes were confiscated by the police. Apparently our stage show, which featured severed sheep's heads on steaks, satanic symbols, blood, and people crucified, was deemed to o blasphemous so authorities have the show as of now . In Poland , which we were unaware of, the use of satanic symbols could offend Polish Catholics and is against the law . So elements of our stage show violates Polish laws. We are in the middle of battling this issue in court so we can release the DVD in the future.

13. Plans for the rest of 2006?

KING: Well right now we cant do too much with our singer in prison so we will write so more music and continue doing interviews. In 2007 we will do a European and South American tour and also release a live album.

Official website: www.gorgoroth.org

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