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LMP Music Products

Label: Sony BMG Music
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Eternal Reign – Forbidden Path
Casus Belli – In the Name of the Rose
Crionic Temple – In Thy Power
Black Majesty – Silent Company
Godiva – Call Me Under 666
Wizard – Magic Circle

Limb Music Products label features bands that are very pure in their Heavy Metal, whether it’s Power, Speed, or Progressive, its all traditional. The biggest name on their roster is Rhapsody.

As far as similar styles amongst the bands I am writing about, ETERNAL REIGN will appeal to fans of Iced Earth as they write the music around fast, yet melodic galloping heavy riffs and have very familiar lead guitar melodies. Example, “Light the Light”, and “Into My Own Hands” which uses acoustics to accompany the beginning to the song and a hint of some keyboards, might be the strongest on the disc, and my favorite. Even the vocals at times have a Mat Barlow ring to them.

CASUS BELLI is similar but a bit heavier and has a Manowar senseability of power to their music which is so very obvious with the opener “I’m Your Master”, and a nice opener at that. Really kicks you in the ass from the start. Followed by “Vengence is My Law” these guys really go full throttle with riffs, double bass drums and a lot of dual guitar soloing. These guys also have the Iron Maiden galloping rhythms like on “Holy Gates”. The voice also has similar qualities to Eric Adams of Manowar. Check out “Edge of a Knife” as it is very melodic and different as opposed to the energy found throughout, a very tuneful one and shows another side to them.

Now we work our way into the European Speed/Power Metal sounds of Helloween as Germany’s CRIONIC TEMPLE take influence from the “Keepers” albums plus I hear a lot of Hammerfall’s debut “Glory to the Brave” on the title track “In Thy Power” and “Travelers in Time”. Those two guitar harmonies are a dead giveaway for their heroes and they were it on their sleeves. It’s good that he opener ‘When Hell Freezes Over” not so much has these qualities and more of a Primal Fear edge. “Beast Slayer” is good, fast and has a nice drive.

From Australia, BLACK MAJESTY out the door play with a heavy handed European influence (“Dragon Reborn”) with the galloping rhythms and lead guitars (a lot of Iced Earth there). I hear some Blind Guardian in their style in the folk tinted “Six Ribbons”, those guitar leads and chorus. “Silent Company” is really good with a great grooving riff, chorus and accompanying guitar solo. The vocals are not what you expect for the style, that being high and more of a mid range. With “Firestorm” I hear Gamma Ray it that arrangement as well.

GODIVA is Accept in 2005 both in the drum beats and the straight ahead guitar riffs, but not in the voice where it does have a bit of an Udo sound is not nearly as gritty or unique as his. “Call Me Under 66” also drops the guitars out during the verses like many Accept songs do. “My Fate”, “When Lightning Strikes” could have been on “Metal Heart”.

WIZARD must have been listening to Grave Digger’s “Tunes of War” as the intro followed by “Fire and Blood” is so influenced by that medieval period from the German legends. The riff style is there but the crunch and production quality though is not nearly matched to Grave Diggers. Also there is a lot of Manowar to their sound and the vocalist’s tone (“Call of the Wild”).

While none of the above are originators to these sounds, the ones who stand out for me are Eternal Reign, Casus Belli, Crionic Temple and Black Majesty, for both in the use of their influences and how they crafted some traditional Heavy Metal. If the kings had to give up their thrones I think they would be pretty comfortable with handing them over some of these artists.

Official website: www.limb-music.de

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