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Michael Angelo Batio - Hands Without Shadows

Label: M.A.C.E. Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Kevin Alba

When you think of great hard rock/heavy metal guitarists names like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, and Yngwie Malmsteen usually come right to mind. After listening to “Hands Without Shadows”, I don't think Michael Angelo Batio is too far behind. There is a tremendous amount of talent oozing out of the speakers as the cd is being played. The album consists of two original songs and the other six a tribute to many famous artists including Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Aerosmith, and Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix. All eight tracks are instrumental and that's kind of cool because you really get to hear the effort put into making these songs when there are no vocals.


The album opens up with ‘Burn’ which of course was made famous by Deep Purple. This track smokes but I have to admit I am too spoiled by Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach doing ‘Burn’ on the new Whitesnake DVD so Michael Angelo has to take the backseat on this one. ‘Crazy Train’ and ‘Mr Crowley’ are of course tributes to Randy Rhoads and his time with Ozzy. Other tributes include a Led Zeppelin medley, ‘Wherever I May Roam’ (Metallica), ‘Dream On’ (Aerosmith), and ‘All Along The Watchtower’ (shame on you if you don't know the originator).

The two originals are ‘Hands Without Shadows’ and ‘Pray On, Prey’ and both feature some amazing original guitar work. Definetly have a heavy glam metal vibe to them along the lines of Hurricane or Damn Yankees and stay heavy without getting poppy like Poison.

Special guests on the album include Mark Remonti, Bill Peck, Doug Marks, Stuart Bull, Rudy Sarzo, William Copecky, and Bobby Rock. Overall a very fun album to listen to from an amazing talented guitarist. If you appreciate well polished super skilled guitar playing do your self a favor and grab this.

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