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Fear Factory – Transgression

Label: Calvin Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Fear Factory have been around since their 1992 debut, combining harsh Pantera metal vocals, including smooth melodic passages, with industrial influences to their factory machine sounding driven music. This is a traditional Fear Factory disc, nothing out of the ordinary. Arrangements are carried by the riffs and drum beats with vocals projected forcefully over the power of the rhythm section. They have also recorded tracks for the movies Saw and Mortal Combat as their music fits the right vibe to these projects.


I see this band as machine like, the music always comes across to me as created by a machine, take the title track for example. Tribal like beats and machine gunning guitars is what these guys are about, it’s a formula. The use of the keyboards also adds atmosphere and subtle dynamics. ‘Supernova’ is mid tempo while ‘Echoes of My Screams’ has classical strings and one of the more melodic moments.

The Fear Factory sound is their own and has been for some time. I like elements of the Factory. Song wise, like as far as verse chorus I don’t know if that works for me. I do find their place in certain fields, like contributing to the right films works well for them.

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