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Iommi – Fused

Label: Sanctuary Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and former Sabbath singer (for one album "The Seventh Star") Glenn Hughes fuse their talents for Tony’s third solo album. Fusing their talents I say because obviously you are getting Iommi’s unmistakeable riffs and guitar solos, that’s a given. Not all the riffs are reminiscent of Sabbath’s sound though, take the lead off track ‘Dopamine’. ‘Wasted Again’ is very Sabbathy but with Glenn’s soulful vocals gives it a different feel and he even sounds like Chris Cornell of Audioslave in the tone of his screams for certain lyrics. Glenn puts forth an all around consistent performance with a lot of energy and vocal melodies adjusting to each song for the appropriate sound. Hughes is also a bass player, and did so when he was in Deep Purple, and plays bass on "Fused".


Tony continues to write in a certain style, it’s similar to some of his arrangements for Black Sabbath but definitely in sound with the Tony Martin years like "Cross Purposes" and "TYR". ‘What You’re Living For’ and ‘Grace’ are good examples especially in the rhythm changes. Musically you will not think of the Ozzy or Dio years from Sabbath. ‘Deep Inside a Shell’ is the more moody track and memorable because of its melodic nature, also features a bluesy guitar solo.

These two musicians work well together, in it’s own way, Glenn’s voice is a important and noticeable compliment to Tony’s rather heavy and dark riffs.

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