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Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Concerto Suite for Guitar and Orchestra

Label: Eagle Rock Ent.
Format: DVD / CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Yngwie Malmsteen is well known as being the master of Neo classical Heavy Metal guitar and his body of work since the very early 1980's shows it, especially on his first few solo albums “Rising Force”, “Marching Out”, and “Trilogy”. Working with the Japan Philharmonic orchestra makes perfect sense for the musician as most of his compositions already have that classical feel and arrangement to them inside of a metal song. Among the classical compositions are his own works backed by the orchestra, among them being “Trilogy Suite Op.5”, “Prelude to April”, “Blitzkrieg”, “Far Beyond the Sun”, “Icarus Dream Suite”, “Evil Eye”, “Brothers”, and “Black Star” which is unfortunately only done with the orchestra and no Yngwie doing the leads which is very odd.

Yngwie's playing is flawless, effortless, and being in a disciplined environment appears to be very comfortable to him as he plays both electric and acoustic pieces. Those ignorant, and there are those who make such a generalization, who think that Yngwie just plays a million notes per bar without any feel or emotion never really listened to the artist in the first place. Or maybe they have heard him, but never really listened to what he is playing inside of each song? Granted, many of his songs start to all sound the same after a while given his style, and at times he's a better musician than a song writer, but inside of this environment playing with an orchestra really allows his talents to emerge. Still, every album in his long history, and even the recently released “Unleash the Fury”, have great songs and not just great playing.
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