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Symphorce – Godspeed

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Symphorce have taken the creative momentum generated by their last release "Twice Second" and repackaged it into a collection of brand new, fresh sounding power packed songs. As most already know, singer Andy also fronts the German band Brainstorm, and though it’s the same voice the music is different. Evident on the first three tracks and the extremely catchy ‘Nowhere’, Symphorce combine a subtle symphonic keyboard (the Sym) to accompany the tracks, matching and complimenting the phorce.


Musically they also use some modern drum and guitar pattern and sounds (guitar sounds something similar to what Korn has done, ex; ‘Haunting’). ‘Your Cold Embrace’ features dark reflective guitar leads and driving rhythms, as well as melodic dynamics, a really strong quality to the band and their well roundedness. Guitar twangs in ‘Wounds Will Cast Within’ borrows from Zakk Wylde’s (Black Label Society and Ozzy guitarist) style. ‘Without a Trace’ is a favorite cut of mine, fast and heavy with a lot of quality guitar lead work and a nasty rhythm.

The difference between Brainstorm and Symphorce could be that Brainstorm has more of a traditional Power Metal, Iron Maiden guitar harmony formula. Symphorce project the same kind of power as Brainstorm, and Andy’s voice at times rings just like Dickinson from Maiden, but their music lacks the two guitar harmonies. Maybe a little heavier also.

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