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Redemption – The Fullness of Time

Label: The Laser’s Edge
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Redemption is a progressive metal band from the U.S. featuring vocalist Ray Alder from Fates Warning (the newer lineup, if you want to call it that after all these years, post John Arch). The music here is actually a little heavier than your average prog band and riffs at times have a Megadeth type pattern on tracks like ‘Parkers Eyes’ and ‘Scarred’, though the musical arrangement is still prog. Ray gets to use the rougher side of his voice occasionally with Redemption as with Fates Warning he has a smoother delivery. Its still graceful here as well, but he shows more edge to go with the heavier, more metallic guitar work. I really like ‘Scarred’ as it combines both heavier guitar riffing with very complex, Dream Theater like changes and acrobatics, some real talented players.


The band is what you would want from this style combining dynamics, acoustics, cascading piano pieces, and classical guitar scales. ‘I Rage’ has a great opening riff and there is plenty of separation between each instrument so nothing is muddy.

As some progressive music can become boring because of its complexity and constant tempo changes, Redemption’s formula keeps the listener on their toes, guitar work is on fire and works into the context of each song very well, so moments of say wanting to yawn are not too often.

Out of eight tracks, #4 is a fifteen minute epic and the title song closing things out divided up into four parts. This band once also played the esteemed ProgPower festival in Atlanta and a very appropriate artist for that festival.

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