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LA Guns - Tales From The Strip

Label: Shrapnel
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

After several years without original vocalist Phil Lewis at the mic, he returned for "Man on the Moon" and "Waking the Dead", with main stays original guitarist Traci Guns and drummer Steve Riley on drums. Both records saw the band getting back into the groove as Phil's voice was a major piece to their sound.


Now, the tables turn once again as "Tales" sees Traci out and new guy Stacey Blades taking over. Even without Traci providing the guitars, Stacey does as very good job filling his shoes. The music has not lost its sound or LA Sunset strip stylings as this is their strongest cd since "Cocked and Loaded". The riffs are solid, but more I'd say rock n roll based then the more metallic to Traci's approach ('Hollywood's Burning'). The solos surprisingly even keep within Traci's technique. '6.9 Earthshaker' is an instrumental, and as most usually feel these tracks are seen as filler. This one is different,offering some jazzy guitars with Steve getting to do his thing on the drums and a worthy addition to the disc. "Tales" is well balanced between the hard rockers('Original Sin','Rox Baby Girl'),and the moody like 'Vampire'. With the many bands of this genre still out touring with only one or two original members, and no new music in the foreseen future to be released, LA Guns deserve to continue as they are not just a retro act.

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