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Sacrifice – Torment in Fire (reissue)

Label: Marquee Records
Format: 2-CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Marquee Records have done a nice job reissuing several albums from these rather underground, and unknown to most, bands from the early 80’s, with some of the more well known names being Nasty Savage, Germany’s Iron Angel (similar sound and style to early Helloween, “Walls of Jericho” era), and speed/thrash metal from Assassin.


Sacrifice were from Canada and played classic style thrash metal similar to early Slayer "Show No Mercy", Dark Angel, and Possessed’s first album “Seven Churches”. In the music I draw parallels to both Slayer and Possessed but the voice is more so similar to Possessed.

The production of this 1985 release "Torment in Fire" (also included is “The Exorcism” demo) is ruff, still clear, but tingy in the drum sound and a bit fuzzy in the overall, but expected for the time. Marquee Records has put time and effort into the remastering and cleaned things up nicely.

With song titles like ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Turn in Your Grave’, ‘Warrior of Death’, ‘Burned at the Stake’, ‘Necronomicon’, ‘The Exorcism’, and ‘Possession’ you can see that this is old school Thrash Metal.

Booklet included has informative liner notes on the bands history, lyrics, and band member comments for each track. You also get a second disc with 22 live tracks from four different shows. All the demo and live tracks are repeats of the material found on "Torment in Fire".

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