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Anthrax- The Greater of Two Evils

Label: Sanctuary
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This is the best thing Anthrax has released with John Bush on vocals since "The Sound of White Noise" and I would like to say more for the Bush era of Anthrax’s recordings because John has a strong voice but I still think he’s more at home with Armored Saint.


"The Greater of Two Evils" is a collection of rerecorded songs from the Neil Turban and Joey Belladonna (Anthrax’s former singer and had their most successful years with) albums. Tracks are taken from the early 80’s Thrash Metal classic’s "Fistful of Metal" and "Spreading the Disease", the mosh pit favorite "Among The Living", to the skateboarder jams pants inspired "State of Euphoria", and "Persistence of Time".

Reason why I say this is the best thing they have done in a long time is because post-Belladonna Anthrax has a different sound and style than the classic Thrash Metal they were once pioneers of. No, they did not take a turn for the worse like Metallica, but they did take a turn and adopted this Biohazard, hardcore-ish rap rock/nu metal approach to their songs and a lot of it does not compare to what they did in the past. Obviously their collaboration with Public Enemy and covering 'Bring the Noise' influenced them more than it should have.

So these rerecordings stay relatively true to the originals, some guitar solos are different, the essence of the leads are the same, the guitar sound, bass and drums are of course beefed up and the pacing to the songs packs a thicker punch. John Bush delivers the songs well and does not sound strange at all in comparison to what Belladonna had originally did. I can do without the "Yeah Yeah" chants at the beginning of 'Among the Living'.

Everything sounds good though, I’m pleased.

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