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Hypocrisy – Virus

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Hypocrisy’s mainman Peter Tagtgren (also a respected producer), takes his thrash/death metal band up a level with their latest infection "Virus". This album nicely combines thrash riffs with death like vocals, as well as both the faster and mid tempo sides to the band. ‘Scrutinized’ is my favorite track and grabbed me instantly featuring a complimentary guitar solo by Gary Holt from Exodus. The song has a great breakdown and very well placed vocals with Peter using just the right amount of subtle changes in his voice to accentuate the words, followed by the quality solo. With former Immortal drummer Horgh on board, Peter has surely focused and pinned down Hypocrisy’s direction with this album, as with the crystal clear production.


Something like ‘Warpath’ has some influence from the Black Metal sounds of Dimmu Borgir in both the guitar riffs and the keyboard passages, while ‘Fearless’ showcases Peter’s knowledge for and importance of melody created by the guitar leads.

Hypocrisy’s sound and nature has not changed, just take a gander at the punishing drum filled ‘Craving for Another Killing’ and vocals also have a nasty bite to their delivery.

While being so busy producing other bands I don’t think Peter has lost any focus for Hypocrisy because I think this is their best well balanced disc yet.

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