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Black Label Society – Kings of Damnation 98-04

Label: Spitfire Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Spitfire releases this 19 track retrospective for Ozzy Osbourne's axe man Zakk Wylde and his solo work. You get two tracks from Zakk's first solo outing Pride and Glory (“Losing Your Mind”, “Horse Called War”) where his love for southern rock sounds familiar to Lynyrd Skynyrd say is very prominent and more so than on his work in Black Label. The music is not as heavy, more melodic and not that aggressive. Even his voice has more clarity and a much better tone, I think, than what he does with Black Label.


Getting into the “Book of Shadows” material, “Between Heaven and Hell” starts with an acoustic guitar, harmonica and really has a down south sound, same with “Sold My Soul”. The album “Sonic Brew” is where Zakk started to develop his style and grittier guitar playing and even then his desire to incorporate acoustic guitars filters into the music show casing his writing talents. The compilation also features “Stillborn”, “The Blessed Hellride”, “Bleed for Me”, and “Counterfeit God” plus two unreleased “Doomsday Inc.” and “SDMF” along with a few tunes from the acousticish “Hangover Music” album.

This is a good smathering of Zakk's music showing several sides to his talent both as a guitar player and a song writer, electrically and acoustically.

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