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Soilwork – Stabbing the Drama

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Yeah...this is not my cup of tea. Soilwork combine thrashy industrial made guitar riffs (which some by the way are good and often catchy), along with melodic leads, and modern arrangements. They do remind me of Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, and even Limp Dick (I mean Biscuit), at times because of the yelling, almost rapping vocals and bouncing rhythms. Now don’t take the Limp Biscuit comment too far, I only hear a taste of it in Soilwork and make the comparison to the genre as a whole.


My problem with these types of bands is how they mix aggression with melody, and the fact that, not too much with Soilwork, is the element of Hip Hop drum beats that creep into the songs. Perfect example, Korn (listen to that guitar lead on 'Observation Slave').

How these artists, like in Soilwork, mix melody with aggression is that all the verses are yelled to the listener, no real voice is present and everyone sounds the same. Then we get to the chorus which is sung in a monotone manner (sometimes sounds ok), but usually rather flat. Soilwork do offer more in the chorus department and the voice has more dimension to it than most.

I will say that Soilwork also vary tempo and time changes, riffs are hard hitting with an industrial touch, machine like at times similar to Fear Factory. Old school Swedish style riffs can be heard on 'Stalemate' and 'Blinded Eye Halo' so not every song flows quite the same. These two have more in common with Death Metal in the choice of guitars and growl to the vocals.

Do these Europeans offer something different? Sort of, but there are soo many of these bands on American radio, just listen to K-Rock in NY, these guys would be perfect for their trendy format.

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