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Corrosion of Conformity – In the Arms of God

Label: Sanctuary
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

As their bio reads for this long time running band, since around 1984, COC combine elements of hardcore (which is heard more so on their earlier albums), to thrash and southern rock. Take a track like the appropriately titled 'Paranoid Opioid' with its highly Black Sabbath influenced riffing and song structure. 'It Is That Way' sees some elements from Ozzie’s axeman Zakk Wyldes guitar sound a bit in his band Black Label Society, where on this track has a mix of doomy and grungy parts to the music.


Singer Pepper has a Henry Rollins quality to the way he sings each verse coming across as a sort of angered man at an open mic night. 'Dirty Hands Empty Pockets' also takes a turn a couple times that is influenced by Tony Iommi.

'Rise River Rise' has a different pace with its acoustic guitars and the vocals even are different and I’m thinking Monster Magnet now. I think the track that changes the feel to the record and works well among the darker sounds. 'Never Turns to More' also follows with a similar feel to something Monster Magnet would write. Kind of psychedelic with a 70’s quality I think, I even hear some Hendrix in the voice at times.

Corrosion have a different sound that the usual metal band, and it’s definitely a change from what they were doing when they first started, both in sound and arrangement. But that’s not a bad thing because change sometimes can be good and usually promotes growth. In this case the band has grown over the years and long time listeners may miss some of their old qualities, but what they are doing now isn’t bad at all.

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