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Chuck Schuldiner – Zero Tolerance

Label: The End Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The late Death mastermind Chuck Schuldiner gets his final works released including out takes from Control Denied's "The Fragile Art Of Existence". "Zero Tolerance", which is disc one of this U.S. pressing, features a 30 minute outtake of one of their final rehearsal sessions which is all instrumental. The raw recording gives some insight, and can be heard in the choice of Chuck’s arrangements, into his final days. Control Denied was different from his work with Death, more progressive and technically challenging. He also incorporated other elements into this project, splashes of jazz fusion and other sounds. Track 4 features his top notch playing and complex choice in writing. Try playing some of this stuff and you will be busy for hours keeping up.


You also get a demo from 1985 which was called 'Infernal Death', and from 1986’s mutilation demo. These six songs showcased what metal fans would later recognize and respect as Death Metal (featured on the debut release from Death called "Scream Bloody Gore"). The demos are really rough and quality is not good on these recordings. Disc 2 contains 'Death by Metal' and 'Reign of Terror' demos plus a Live Death recording from 1990. Also not the best quality but better than what is on disc one.

This is a release for someone who appreciates the works of Chuck, don’t expect quality here, it’s meant for the purpose of having a piece of history and to get some vintage recordings.

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