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Evergrey – A Night to Remember

Label: Inside Out Music
Format: CD/DVD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Evergrey celebrate the success of their first five releases with a full concert performance shot in their homeland of Sweden. I think it is safe to say that Evergrey have emerged as one of the biggest and most respected Prog Metal bands of today. They have cemented their own style, mixing progressive changes and musicianship along with the ever important good old fashioned chorus, a quality which many progressive bands lack and cause listeners to find the genre boring.


The performance was shot with multiple cameras and is of the highest quality in both resolution and sound. With all the energy and activity generated by each band member one would think the performance would be sloppy at times? Not a chance, these guys are flawless in their execution and tight as shit. Tracks are taken from all their releases, playing both the heavier and more aggressive to the moody and acoustic. Evergrey have always made dynamics, along with the dark essence to their sound, of the highest importance with each album they write. For this live performance they also used background singers to enhance several songs giving them the same soulful quality as they have on disc.

Favorites hit upon in the set were ‘Blinded’, ‘End of your Days’, ‘Nosferatu’, ‘Waking up Blind’ where its just singer Tom, a piano, easy drum beat and bluesy guitar lick, ‘The Masterplan’, ‘As I Lie Here Bleeding’ to name a few.

This performance shows the versatility and scope to Evergrey’s talent for both great musicianship and songwriting ability.

The second disc contains plenty of bonus footage, interviews with each member that is very comprehensive and fun too (the guys are very laid back and comfortable laughing as friends do), studio reports, and all their videos.

Over 6 hours on two discs and well worth it.

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