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Azrael's Bane - Wings Of Innocence

Label: Chavis Records
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Azrael's Bane get their debut re-released while they prepare to enter the studio to record their second album. They combine elements of both American melodic Hard Rock with elements of the European bands, similar to one of my favs Crystal Ball. 'Chasing a Memory' has the dualling melodic guitar harmonies and quick paced rhythm that is characteristic of the Euro sound, though its not quite Power Metal. Vocals are strong and up front in the mix and their style of heavier rock reminds a lot of Lillian Axe ('Mercy') and TNT. 'Saints and Sinners' is one of the edgier tracks both in the guitars and vocals.


This type of sound is not too common these days for an American Hard Rock band as this may be seen as "dated" to some, and is definitely more accepted in European countries. Azraels Bane tho, take a retro sound and package it into melodic and singable radio friendly songs. Nothing wrong with that.

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