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Impellitteri – Pedal to the Metal

Label: SPV/ Steamhammer
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Guitar virtuoso Chris Impellitteri is not well known among the casual Heavy Metal fan but is highly recognized as a top shelf shredder. The band Impellitteri has been making Hard Rock/Metal since the mid 80’s and Chris has tapped into talent like Graham Bonnet and Rob Rock for singers.


With "Pedal to the Metal" Chris has definitely written music more anchored in Metal. ‘The Iceman Cometh’ and ‘Hurricane’ sees his usual Neoclassical guitar style take a back seat to some influences from Zakk Wylde’s guitar sound. Both hard hitting but those familiar with his standard sound will be surprised, still good though. ‘Crushing Daze’ has a slight speed metal and modern feel both to the riffing and his choice in drumming changes. Also the vocals become modern, death like at times, one of the more experimental and odd songs, just feels weird with the various sounds he is trying to incorporate. ‘Destruction’ is such a Jake E Lee riff and ‘Punk’ is what it is, horrible with rapping verses and an awkward keyboard. Definitely filler.

Sounds like Chris was going for a real headbanger here and he met that goal I’d say half way. He had some really good ideas as far as riffs and energy, but needed a voice like Rob Rock behind this one to kick it into high gear. And the experimenting with modern arrangements and drum beats does not work, like ‘Propaganda Mind’ is not happening.

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