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HavocHate - Cycle of Pain

Label: Indecent Media
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

HavocHate features Testament alumnist Greg Christian on bass and the music created here will surely appeal to fans of Thrash Metal because he has not steered away from his roots with Testament at all. With an old school spirit in mind, HavocHate do not create with a retro sound. Take for instance the lead off track 'Cycle of Pain' or 'Still Alive' that contain drum beats reminiscent of Pantera. Vocals are similar to Testament's Chuck Billy and wow you can really hear it on some of those notes for 'Alone', with a ruff edge though an emphasis on clarity. Singer Tim varies his delivery also between clean melodic chorus and lower end verses to Death Metal growls. I even hear a touch of Phil Anselmo.


Aside from the melodic 'Fiction', this a collection of forceful music, with no over done double bass and guitar solos. Guitar leads make tracks melodic and back up the more melodic vocal parts.

HavocHate have written music geared for the sound heard within the more extreme bands of the day. What I like that separates them from others is their ear for a good vocal as opposed to just yelling and/or moaning.

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