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Kreator – Enemy of God

Label: SPV America
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Kreator have been around since the early 80’s and were seen as the German equivalent to Slayer. Since then they have continued to thrive, making records, experimenting in their own way to prevent from becoming stale, staying true to what they are. "Enemy of God" has a similar sound to their previous release "Violent Revolution" but maybe a little more melodic this time with a better production. "Enemy" does not sound retro at all and even after so many years of making music this does sound fresh and not a rehash at all. Guitar leads and melodies are really strong and anchor each song with groove and crunch carrying everything along. 'Suicide Terrorist', 'Enemy of God', 'One Evil Comes – A Million Follow', features all the above.


Kreator also find time for some dynamics helping to make their music varied (the intro to 'Dying Race Apocalypse' for example) to an extent, I say that because essentially their music is thrash when it comes down to it. Millie keeps his voice in tact, ruff, though lyrics are understandable.

Kreator are one of the few, the proud, playing traditional Thrash Metal, and coming from their part of the world along with Destruction and Sodom and the own sound that comes with each, its great to see all three bands continue to carry on.

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