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Thunderstone – Tools of Destruction

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

From the opening track and first single/video ‘Tool of the Devil’, Thunderstone separates themselves from fellow countrymen like forefathers Stratovarius and relatively newcomers Sonata Arctica. Yes, they still have that Finnish sound and style to them especially in their use of keyboards, but the song ‘Tool of the Devil’ sets the tone for the rest of the record. Tracks are not so heavy on the European Power Metal with less of an emphasis on the double bass/guitar and keyboard dueling arrangements. Its still there on songs like ‘Without Wings’, ‘Liquid of the Kings’ and ‘Weight of the World’, but it is not a bad thing by no means because they sprinkle the Euro elements into the songs. Stratovarius were the originators of a certain style which many just rip off. From their debut, Thunderstone have incorporated elements of Strato without getting in too over their head and this is more evident on their latest album.


Thunderstone have grown, even to their second album but more so now establishing a sound for themselves. The chorus has always been their strong point, just take the single from their self titled debut, "Virus". These guys knew how to write a great song from the door and it carries on to their latest release. ‘Welcome to the Real’ has a tranquil mood to its gothic keyboard usage with crunchy guitars. Something like ‘Feed the Fire’ rocks hard with a memorable tasty guitar riff and solid steady pace to the beat. I really like when these guys get in this mode.

Thunderstone are one of the few bands to emerge from the European Power Metal scene that I highly recommend. They use their influences sparingly and at the right times while trying to keep their own sound and also trying new things.

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