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James LaBrie - Elements of Persuasion

Label: Inside Out Music
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Dream Theater vocalist James Labrie offers up his own expression that has some similarities to his bread winning band while offering other elements for the listener.


The guitar sound has a similar tone to the last Dream Theater disc "Train of Thought". Keyboards used are also very familiar sounding and will appeal to Dream Theater fans. James does incorporate different things to each song, for example 'Alone' utilizes some DJ scratching, an element I can't tolerate in my Metal but in this case it is ok. The strong point that carries every track, whether you like the various sounds and samples are incorporated, is the fantastic guitar leads by shredder Marco, a steady pacing and of course the clear distinctive vocals James is known for.

Musically it's all rather consistent with deep dark guitars up front, not too much prog, more so experimental sounds that come from the keyboards. Dream Theater's style does infiltrate some tracks from time to time. 'Lost', as with 'Smashed', are different with modern softly sung lyrics, accompanying piano and up beat drums, definitely a track that is the furthest thing from Metal.

The various sounds and samples heard my take time to get used to, I know at first it was an adjustment for me, but once you get used to things the songs are solid. The guitar solos alone will keep you listening and like I said James's voice carries everything so well the disc rocks hard.

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